Religious Education

Religious Education at Lakeside Primary Academy


Curriuculm Aims

Our Religious Education curriculum aims to give children an engaging introduction to learning about the major religions.

These religions are Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and Judaism.

We encourage our pupils to engage with big questions about the meaning and significance of life and encourage them to ask thoughtful questions. 


Discovery RE 

We follow the Discovery RE scheme of work for RE. This is an enquiry approach that makes RE exciting and engaging. Lakeside Primary Acedemy is a multi-cultural school. We celebrate this and actively encourage children to share their experiences of their religions. You can find out more about this on or contact the office to speak to Mrs Austwick, RE coordinator. Alternatively, the file below outlines the coverage for each year group.


Importance of R.E

Religious Education encourages pupils to learn from different religions, beliefs, values and traditions while exploring their own beliefs. It challenges pupils to reflect on, consider, analyse, interpret and evaluate issues of truth, beliefs, faith and ethics and to communicate their responses.


R.E Throughout School

As a school we celebrate Harvest, Christmas and Easter together. The children are given opportunity throughout both key stages to visit places of worship, and also have Father Stokoe and Linda Gardiner from local churches to come in and deliver assemblies. Linda Gardiner and her team from the Salvation Army also deliver Christmas and Easter Journey sessions for children to deepen their understanding of these stories.


Lakeside Primary is a very multi-cultural school. We celebrate this and actively encourage children to share their experiences of their religions, for example asking children to bring in their special Eid clothes to show and explain how their family celebrates.


Enquiry Based Approach

Through the RE curriculum we encourage children to:

  • Feedback opinions
  • Generate own questions
  • Explain their own point of view
  • Justify/Give reasons
  • Compromise
  • Disagree respectfully (understanding that others have a different point of view)
  • Remember that their own idea is important, whether it is the same as others or not

Linda Gardiner, from our local Salvation Army, usually comes in to deliver assemblies to our children. There are also some of her assemblies online - The theme is perseverence.

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