Physical Education

Aims and Intent of the PE curriculum

  •           To be physically active, demonstrate knowledge and understanding through physical activity.
  •           To engage in activities that develop cardiovascular heath, FUNdamental movement skills, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance.
  •           To develop independence through physical challenges, evaluating and modifying technique and consolidating sills through practise and repetition.
  •           To promote health awareness and the value of adopting a healthy lifestyle.
  •           To instil a sense of good sportsmanship and encourage active recognition of theirs and each other’s contributions.
  •           To develop leadership skills and self-awareness.
  •           To support the development of self- esteem though the development of physical confidence and help pupils to cope with both success and failure in competitive and co-operative activities.
  •           To develop skills as a team player, including praise for others in the team and motivational skills.
  •           To recognise and follow relevant rules, laws, etiquette and safety procedures for different activities or events in practice and during competition.
  •            To engage in a variety of competitive physical activities whether it be in PE lessons, lunch, inter-school, intra-school and organised sporting events from outside agencies.

How is PE taught at Lakeside?

At Lakeside Primary Academy, all children have access to a minimum of 2 hours a week of PE lessons. Pupils have full access to the Physical Education National Curriculum which is differentiated to meet pupils learning needs and styles.

PE is taught by class teachers using plans from the PE Hub which are designed to be challenging and appropriate to each pupil’s stage of development, whilst supporting and extending teachers subject knowledge. A specialist Sports HLTA was available to help staff during the implementation of the PE hub plans for understanding, development and support when using the plans. Through using the PE Hub we can ensure that our PE lessons allow children build and expand on previous skills and subject knowledge throughout their time at Lakeside.


This year we also have Daz, our coach from Kixx to help us deliver our PE lessons and support staff CPD.

The Kixx Promise

Our goal is simple: To positively impact a child’s life at every opportunity

As the profile and prevalence of PE, School sport & Physical Activity has increased at Lakeside Primary School during the last few years we intend this to keep developing. We want to continue increasing levels of participation, supporting staff, providing a wider variety of opportunities and instilling a competitive attitude during participation. Kixx will provide CPD sessions when requested.

Moving forward Kixx & Lakeside Primary School will continue to provide as many opportunities as possible for all children. Our focus is on the Health and wellbeing of every student in the school. Through our Community Arm we will try to provide additional community opportunities and projects to enrich the children’s experience of physical activities.

Kixx will support Lakeside in hosting, attending, and arranging more inter-school tournaments and fixtures that are age appropriate and support confidence building. All in house sports competition will look to be implemented into the school, with regular competitions happening throughout the whole school. Encouraging teachers and children to involve physical activity into other aspects of the Curriculum.

Finally, Kixx will look to develop and promote teacher, children and parent relationships through Physical activity and sport by providing activities and initiatives for them all to engage in. Celebrating the achievements of Pupils within school sport & out of school sport. Promoting Kixx Academies during assemblies and looking to increase the number of Lakeside pupils attending Kixx or other extra curriculum sports clubs.

What PE Knowledge is taught at Lakeside? 

Each year the key PE knowledge builds on learning from the previous years.


In KS1 Children have the opportunity to master basic movements, participate in simple team games and perform dances using simple movement patterns.
  • ​​​         Basic movements – covered in PE Hub units – Run, Hump and throw, Hit, Catch and Run, Send and return as well as through Gymnastics.
  •         Simple team games - covered in PE Hub units more specifically - Attack, Defend and Shoot.
  •         Perform dances - all staff have had CPD with specialist coaches to be able to deliver the PE Hub plans.

In KS2, children will continue to apply and develop a broader range of skills, learning how to use them in different ways and to link them to make actions and sequences of movement. They have opportunities to collaborate and compete with each other. They begin to develop an understanding of how to improve in different physical activities and sports and learn how to evaluate and recognise their own and others success.

Children in Year 5 will participare in Swimming lessons at Swimstars and Dolphins Swim School.

PE Sport Premium
Please see our PE Sport Premium documentation here

How do I find out more information the PE Curriculum?

If you have any questions about this area of the curriculum please speak to your child's class teacher initially or to Miss Clarke (who can be contacted through the school office).

This year, in Autumn 2, your child will be learning Athletics. Please ensure they have warm clothing as we will be having PE lessons outside - weather dependant. 

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