Year 4 2023 - 2024

Miss Westbrook

Mrs Sutherill

Mrs Bostock


Welcome to Year Four!

In Avocet Class, your class teachers are Miss Westbrook and Mrs Bostock.
In Teal Class, your class teacher is Mrs Sutherill, who will be supported by Mrs Milner.

We all welcome you warmly and wish you a successful year.

Important information

Our day starts at 8:25 and ends at 3pm.

Year 4’s PE day is on Thursday and so children are asked to come to school in their PE kit. Please wear a school PE kit, tracksuits are available to order or children can wear blue/ black leggings or joggers and a white T-shirt. Trainers need to be worn for outdoor PE please.


Our Curriculum Autumn term 1


We take part in daily maths lessons and we hope that children really enjoy their learning. Our teaching incorporates the concrete (physical apparatus), pictorial (visual representation) and abstract (the written concepts) model and children are encouraged to choose whatever method they find the most helpful . Maths equipment is available to children at all times as we encourage children to be independent in their learning. You may hear children talking about base 10 or place value counters as we are using those to help with our understanding of 4 digit numbers. We want children to build really solid foundations in these first important units of maths.

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This term, our maths learning begins with our place value unit focusing on 4 digit numbers. Here are some of the things we are learning to do:

  • Know the value of each digit in a 4 digit number
  • Order 4 digit numbers on a number line
  • Count in 1000s
  • Find 1, 10, 100 and 1000 more or less than a given number
  • Partition numbers using a part, part whole model
  • Compare numbers using greater than and less than
  • Solve problems using mathematical reasoning skills
  • Count in 25s


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In our English lessons we will be look at the book Gorilla by Anthony Browne. We will be producing many different types of writing including descriptions, information pages and writing our own version of the story.

These are the skills that we will be focusing on:

  • Expand noun phrases by the addition of modifying adjectives, nouns and prepositional phrases
  • Choose nouns or pronouns appropriately for clarity and cohesion and to avoid repetition
  • Use fronted adverbials
  • Organise paragraphs around a theme (to organise and sequence more extended narrative structures)
  • Use commas after fronted adverbials

Our class novel is How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell.

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Our first topic is Traders and Raiders. This project teaches children about life in Britain after the Roman withdrawal. Children will learn about Anglo-Saxon and Viking invasions up to the Norman conquest.


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This half term, we were learning about the type different types of teeth that we have (and how to protect them) and how our digestive system works.



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