Aims of the Art Curriculum

The Art curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils develop their own original ideas by:

- developing personal and creative responses through a variety of ways using different media and processes.

- developing techniques that they can use purposefully, which they will then evaluate, review and improve.

- gathering knowledge of significant artists from differing genre’s, exploring a differing range of skills that will support their own creative practise.

- develop ‘spiritually, morally, socially and culturally’. This reflection will allow the pupils the chance to be empathetic, which in turn will support the children’s developing reading, writing and communication skills as they discuss and learn about the diversity that art encompasses.

How is Art taught at Lakeside?

At Lakeside we have developed our Art curriculum to ensure their learning builds upon the knowledge they learnt in previous year groups and topics. We adopt a topic based approach to our curriculum. Each year the children study five different topics and Art knowledge is linked to these topics. There will not be Art learning in every topic but full coverage of the Art National Curriculum is achieved over the course of the year and the children's journey through school. This ensures that the children develop their Art and Design skills as they progress through the Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2 curriculum in an immersive, creative, practical, fun and engaging way.  

Art throughout school

As a school we celebrate our art experiences in a number of ways:

  • Art is displayed throughout school, celebrating both topic work and additional experiences.
  • We invite parents to view our work.
  • We visit local galleries and attend workshops.
  • The children’s work is celebrated on our website and our Facebook page. Please find attached a link to our Blog, regarding a trip that the Year two’s went on, attending a local exhibition.


How do I find out more information about the Art curriculum?

If you have any questions about this area of the curriculum please speak to your child's class teacher initially or to Mrs Callan (who can be contacted through the school office). 

We post regular updates and photos of the creative work produced here at Lakeside-Watch this space for the latest creative work from this half terms topics.


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