At Lakeside we have developed our Art curriculum to ensure their learning builds upon the knowledge they learnt in previous year groups and topics. We adopt a topic based approach to our curriculum. Each year the children study five different topics and Art knowledge is linked to these topics. Further information can be found in the document 'How is Art taught at Lakeside' and the progression map, to outline how skills and knowledge develop throughout the school, can be found here

'The Lost Words'

Once again the 'Lakeside' children have produced some amazing art work, during our latest whole school project.

The children's work has been used to create an amazing display.  I hope that you agree that the work our children have produced has been celebrated effectively.

 IMG_0950[1].JPG  IMG_0951[1].JPG  IMG_0955[1].JPG   



Remembrance Day

The children have created some very detailed Remembrance drawings and our school display is now up. There have been lots of comments regaridng the work, and I you agree that the work is very striking.

DSCF0359.JPG    DSCF0360.JPG    DSCF0358.JPG  



The new 2021 cohort have been exploring their new provision and are at the very beginning of their artistic development and journey here at Lakeside.

      DSCF0009.JPG  DSCF0112.JPG

To find out more on the early years curriculum, please look at the new 'Development Matters' document.  The Expessive Arts and Design section of the early years curriculum is from page 114. 

The reception children have also started their weekly visits to our Forest School. This week they could make representations of people, especially those closest to them as our topic is all about our community this half term. 



Autumn-Colour Mixing 

The children have experimented with different poster paints, and they have tried to create the colours they have observed during the changing season.

        DSCF0176.JPG  DSCF0177.JPG  DSCF0178.JPG


'The Leaf Man'

The children have used natural resources to create their own versions of the 'Leaf Man'.

DSCF0115.JPG  DSCF0121.JPG  DSCF0122.JPG      

'Goldilocks And The Three Bears'

This week the children in the early years unit have been working with clay to produce one of the three bears.

    DSCF0448.JPG  DSCF0449.JPG  DSCF0450.JPG

Year 1/2

Year 1/2 have launched thier new topic 'Muck, Mess and Mixtures'.

marbelling ink .jpg

They experimented with marbelling ink and produced some fabulous effects!

DSCF0055.JPG  DSCF0056.JPG  


Wriggle and Crawl

Year 1

The children have been practising their sketching and observation skills during the last half term.

Wriggle and Crawl

Year 2

The Year 2 children have closely observed the insects they collected and created detailed drawings that they then labelled.

      DSCF0148.JPG  DSCF0149.JPG  DSCF0150.JPG


Year 3

The Year 3 children have been designing and creating their own potion bottles during this half terms topic. They have been practising their sketching techniques to add tone and depth to their work.

DSCF0131.JPG     DSCF0129.JPG    DSCF0130.JPG


Year 4

Year 4 have been very busy designing some potion bottles during their first art inputs this year. They have been busy practising and then applying detail to their drawings, even adding a 3D effect!



 Clay models of the heart Year 6

During their new topic 'Blood Heart' the Year 6 children have produced some very detailed clay models of a heart. 


 DSCF0078.JPG  DSCF0079.JPG  DSCF0080.JPG  DSCF0081.JPG  



Forest School

We are very lucky here at Lakeside as we have our own forest school area within our grounds. The children have the opportunity to develop their skills and resilience, whilst exploring the world of transient art. Here is a small selection of the work that has been produced so far.....

forest art.jpg   thumbnail_20201103_151413.jpg  20211109_143005.jpg  20211125_133803.jpg


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