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Ms Beaumont

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At Lakeside Foundation Unit we aim to give your child the best start to their education.  By working together as a team we aim for each child to be the best version of themself that they can be in the aim that each child achieves their full potential.  Our dedicated team of staff support the children to grown in an environment where each child has a thirst for knowledge, has a love of learning, where they respect each other, where each child is independent, values the world, is given exciting opportunities in a safe and caring environment.  

Our staff are

Mrs Beaumont-Early Years Lead and Class Teacher                            Miss Fox-Lawton and Miss Williams - Class Teachers

We are also lucky to have dedicated Teaching Assistants who work within the setting who support the children.  

Mrs Lebeau,  Mrs Babatina and Miss Drake 

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The children enter the setting at 8:30am and for Reception children they will stay in school until 3:00pm.  

Hours for Nursery children are 8:30am - 11:30am.   


What your child will learn...


This Autum term we are learning about how to be a friend and finding out about where we live.  We will look at places in the local community and find out about people who help us.   We will also be finding out about what happens "When I go to sleep" learning about nightime animals, space and our planet as well as festivals and celebrations. 


Within our EYFS setting, we follow the children's interests and as the weeks progress we may change direction with our learning.  You will be able to follow our interests on Social Media.

Our topic focuses for this half term.

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In Reception the children have a daily Maths lesson.  


To ensure we support our Nursery children they will also have a short Maths focus session every day.




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When your child reaches Reception they will begin to follow the Read Write Inc phonics programme.  You will be invited to come and join us for a phonics session following a meeting to find out how your child learns their sounds.  Phonics is taught every day within the class. 

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The first set of sounds your child will learn are these...

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Your child will bring home a sound mat to practise saying the sounds at home as well as handwriting practice sheets each week.  More information can be found here on the parent information link: 

Nursery children also have a daily phonics session which explores sounds around them, rhythm and rhyme as well as sound talk which looks at blending and segmenting sounds they can hear eg h-a-t is hat.


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At Lakeside we want every child to have the opportunity to learn to read and develop a love of reading.  

The children will have the opportunity to bring home a library book to share with their adult at home.  

Here is a little video which explains why it is important to read:

Reading opens doors to other worlds and supports developing imagination.

Reading is a treat.

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'Stay and Play' sessions will be coming in the second half of the Autumn term.


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The children will be visiting our Forest School once a week on a Friday morning.  Please remember all children need to have brought into school a pair of wellies and an all in one snow suit/waterproof ready to enjoy the outdoors!



No question is a silly question, the staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have. 


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