Year 6

We worked with evacuation data for children in World War Two. We analysed patterns in the data then plotted graphs of the data to compare how many evacuees different areas of the country received.





We conducted a brilliant investigation into how disease and lifestyle affects the flow of blood in the human body. Pupils designed and carried out their own experiment where they simulated blood flowing through clogged arteries to judge how this affected the flow of blood. They then wrote up their findings and discussed how acurate the predictions they had made were.


We used tape measure to accurately measure various different physical features including arm span, height and length of middle finger. We recorded the results in a table and then calculated the mean measurement for each feauture. 


 Year 6 conducted an experiment on how our hearts are affected by exercise and how quickly our hearts return to their resting heart rate.

They developed their understanding of the components of blood and recorded this as a pie chart.

In history they used timelines to show their understanding of the key events in World War II.

Explaining Our Heart Rate Experiment Heart Rate Over Time Graph
Components of Blood Pie Chart World War 2 Timeline

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