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School breaks up for Summer on Friday 19th July at 3pm. Autumn term begins on Tuesday 3rd September at 8.30am. Have a safe and happy Summer break.

Money Week

The whole school have been working hard to make a profit over the last couple of weeks. They have had to convince Mrs Witton to give them £50 so that they could buy materials and make or plan how they were going to give that and more back to her. She was no pushover! The children had to tell her what they’d worked out the cheapest materials to cost, they did some market research to find out what people would be willing to pay, and then worked out a selling price.


In Classes 5,6 and 7, the children have worked really hard. They have lots of things to sell including some beautiful tooth fairy purses, decorated plant pots, badges and loom band creations.

All of Key Stage 2 will be selling their goods to Key Stage 1 and parents on Monday afternoon, they look forward to seeing you!