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School breaks up for Summer on Friday 19th July at 3pm. Autumn term begins on Tuesday 3rd September at 8.30am. Have a safe and happy Summer break.

Danger and destruction in Y3/4


When Years 3 and 4 arrived at school this morning, a shocking scene awaited them. A huge mess had been left in the shared area, including footprints and slime. The police had been to gather evidence and left some of the area cordoned off so we could investigate for ourselves.

Straight away, the children noticed possible clues and began to imagine what it could be. A major clue was the note which was left with a warning that this was just the beginning of the destruction unless we managed to persuade Heracles to rescue us! We spent the next part of the morning beginning to put our persuasive techniques to the test. Check back soon to read some of our letters.