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School breaks up for Summer on Friday 19th July at 3pm. Autumn term begins on Tuesday 3rd September at 8.30am. Have a safe and happy Summer break.

Austerfield and a busy end of term!

Class 8 visited Austerfield Study Centre back in November in order to learn more about the classification of animals and how they have adapted to their environments. Our trip was called Darwin’s Delights as the whole purpose was to consolidate our understanding of Charles Darwin and his scientific theories.

We learned a lot on the day and found out about all manner of strange creatures which some of the children were lucky enough to hold. I have to say, the girls were much more enthusiastic about the multi-legged creatures than the boys! When we returned to school we did some great non-chronological report and recount writing connected to our visit.

 Here we are with Fran, our guide for the day. She told us all about the animals.Ruby held all the animals, so did Ava. Here she is with a giant millipede!

This interesting creature was a red bellied toad. He did a lot of jumping around! Reeyadh looks quite fascinated!

This was Cornelius the corn snake. Johnny doesn’t look too sure about it and Thomas is keeping a safe distance!

Jadd preferred to observe others with the animals!

Later on, we had to do some work on time lines.


No, this is not Austerfield! This is us just before our Christmas concert! We all looked very festive and we performed our poems beautifully – we even got a laugh from the audience, as they were all about the presents that are often expected at Christmas time!

Anyway, we have had a very hard working term and are now ready for a well deserved rest. So, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Miss Westbrook, Miss Lambert and all of class 8!