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School breaks up for Summer on Friday 19th July at 3pm. Autumn term begins on Tuesday 3rd September at 8.30am. Have a safe and happy Summer break.

Y5 - Miss Westbrook

Gingerbread Houses

For our Design Technology project we designed and made gingerbread houses! The children baked the gingerbread and then constructed the houses using icing as the mortar. Then came the fun part as they decorated the houses with sweeties. Mrs Witton and the cook then judged the houses and awarded prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. They looked absolutely lovely! Finally, the children broke them up and enjoyed eating them. Talk about a sugar rush!

Class 9 have worked extremely hard and I hope they have a well deserved Christmas and come back ready for the Spring Term. Happy New Year to you all!

Gingerbread houses

Gingerbread houses 1
Gingerbread houses 2
Gingerbread houses 3
Gingerbread houses 4
Gingerbread houses 5
Gingerbread houses 6
Gingerbread houses 7
Gingerbread houses 8
Gingerbread houses 9
Our first place went to Mollie and Bella and Billie. Second place to Connor and Haneet and Charlie and third place to Muqadas, Amra, Andreea and Mia. Well done to everyone!

Howard Carter  - the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb!!


Year 5 have been looking at the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb by Howard Carter in 1922

We have set up a brilliant tomb in our sensory room and have used drama techniques to explore what Howard Carter might have felt as he entered the tomb for the first time on November the 26th 1922. We have written some brilliant diary entries which really reflect his emotions and feelings.

Exploring the tomb

Exploring the tomb 1
Exploring the tomb 2

Design Technology - burgers!


Our design project for the Summer term has been to explore different types of burgers, make sauces for the burgers, evaluate the bread used in burgers and then finally to create our own burger. It has been a great project with the children really getting the chance to do some proper cooking and to taste foods that they may not have thought to try such as our delicious salsa and tzatziki sauces. Here are some photos of them making and enjoying their creations! 

Making and tasting!

Making and tasting! 1
Making and tasting! 2
Making and tasting! 3
Making and tasting! 4
Making and tasting! 5
Making and tasting! 6

Sports Week

The children went to the Keepmoat stadium for Sports day and then took part in lots of other activities during the week. They enjoyed a football tournament, took part in an obstacle course and also took part in Race for Life in support of Mrs McCrae. It was a busy week!

Sports week

Sports week 1
Sports week 2

French Day

Wednesday 11th July was French day! Class 9 set up a role play area for a cafe: Cafe Francais! We practiced ordering food and we created our own menus. In the afternoon we tried some French cheeses, grapes and pain au chocolat. We also looked at the work of Claude Monet and created some pictures in the Impressionist style using pencil crayons.The children dressed up and really entered into the spirit of things!

French Day

French Day 1
French Day 2
Three lucky Year 5s had the opportunity to go to the Times Table Rockstar Rock Wrangle in Leeds today. We all had a brilliant time, came away with lots of goodies and a fab experience. We may not have won but I was really proud of Summer, Brandon and Inaaya and their excellent attitudes all day. I can’t wait for next year’s!

Enterprise Week

This week class 9 have been busy with Enterprise Week. We decided to go with a garden theme as Spring is approaching. We decorated sleeves for plant pots, made hanging beaded mobiles and fashioned pretty plant markers to go in pots. At the start of the week we wrote letters to Mrs Witton asking her for the money we needed, created adverts for the hanging mobiles and did a profit projection for the amount of money we would raise. 

Making our goodies!

Making our goodies! 1
Making our goodies! 2

Careers Fair day 

As part of Enterprise week on Thursday 8th March the children had the chance to experience lots of different workshops presented by various local companies. It was a very informative day and the children really enjoyed themselves. Hopefully it will have made them realise what a wide range of careers there are out there and perhaps given them some ideas for the future!

Eaton Electricals

Eaton Electricals 1
Eaton Electricals 2

Team building with a marshmallow!

Team building with a marshmallow! 1
Team building with a marshmallow! 2
Team building with a marshmallow! 3
Team building with a marshmallow! 4

Polypipe - and mini golf!

Polypipe - and mini golf! 1

The Vulcan aircraft

The Vulcan aircraft 1
The children had to design their own aircraft to see which would fly the furthest.

CAST theatre company

CAST theatre company 1
CAST theatre company 2
CAST theatre company 3
The children had to display lots of different emotions in different scenarios based upon Shakespeare's play  A Midsummer Night's Dream. At one point they had to insult one another with a Shakespearian insult of, "Thou art a boil!" They were very good at this!

Spring 2 Homework Grid

Spring 2 Homework Grid 1

Lakeside Village Visit

As part of our topic on the Local Area year 5 visited the Lakeside Village to carry out some customer satisfaction surveys. We wanted to find out why people visit the outlet and what improvements they would like to see. We met with the Deputy Manager, Mrs Parry, and had a question and answer session with her. We found out that the Lakeside Village has been open since 1995 (22 years!) and that their target consumer is a female in the 40+ age range.

We then interviewed lots of customers and also spoke to the staff of a number of shops. Our next step is to analyse the data and then provide some feedback to the Management team at the outlet. The children were a credit to the school and a number of people commented upon how polite and enthusiastic the children of class 9 were - well done guys!

Interviewing the customers - thank you customers!

Interviewing the customers - thank you customers! 1
Picture 1

Happy Christmas from Miss Westbrook and Mrs Bartley!

We have now reached the end of Autumn term 2 and once again the children have worked extremely hard right up to the last few days! We have been busy with our carol concert and below is a lovely photo of them all in their Christmas jumpers. We hope you like the Christmas cards the children made as well as the decorations that Mrs Bartley helped them create! 

No homework has been sent over the holidays (we all need a rest!) But please keep up with the reading. Try to un-glue yourself from the TV/computer and read at least one good book over the holidays!

Next term our topic is a geography based one that takes a closer look at the Local Area and what facilities we have around us.

Wishing you all a lovely holiday and a Happy New Year!


Full of Christmas cheer!

Full of Christmas cheer! 1

Well, we have reached the end of Autumn Term 1! Thank you to all those parents who came to Parent's Evening: it was great to meet you! If you weren't able to make it, remember you can drop in any time if you have any concerns about your child.

It has been a very successful term and all the children have worked hard and are really beginning to develop in confidence. Behaviour has been a key issue this term and the children have really risen to the challenge of consistently staying in Green. As a result of their brilliant efforts we had an end of term treat (which they chose!) of pizza, pajamas and a DVD (Paddington!) Here they all are at the end of the day. What a good looking bunch they are! I am very proud of them!!

I'm looking forward to next term - please keep up the hard work and the effort with the homework and the reading challenge.

Wishing you all a happy half term.

A well deserved treat!

A well deserved treat! 1