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Y5 - Miss Clarke

Two full weeks in Year 5 and we have all survived!


We are about to go to our 3rd swimming session and we realised we haven't blogged about any yet! So, our Friday swimming lessons go like this -  first we take our shoes off, collect a pink or blue box to put our clothes in and get changed. Next, we have to have a quick shower before getting our arm bands (if we need them) before getting into the pool. We have been practising: swimming on our front and back, star floats, blowing bubbles and jumping in.  After a fun and tiring lesson we get changed and get on the bus back to school (just in time for extra play!). 


Last week we had our first Samba lesson, we learned the names of the instruments we will be playing, we clapped a rhythm using our names (this helped Mrs Patterson to learn our names) and we got to take it in turns to test the sounds of each instrument. 


Maths this week we have been focusing on rounding numbers to 10, 100 and 1000. This will help us to learn to round to 10, 000 and 100, 000 next week! So if any parents want to practise this at home it will help us loads!


In our English we have started our adventure stories unit. We have have been looking at and discussing the books Journey and Quest by Aaron Becker. These books have no words just pictures, so we have had to decide the story ourselves. Over the next two weeks we will  write a story to go in the books and send them to Aaron Becker for him to use if he wants to!


Science - We have been reading labels on food and deciding whether a food is good for us based on the amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber and minerals it has.  We did loads of Maths when comparing numbers and didn't even realise it! Hopefully Mrs Phillips will be proud!


Finally, in our Topic we learned about where Egypt is in the world, the capital city and the type of climate it has. We can't wait for our Egyptian workshop next week!

Welcome to our first whole class blog entry!


In our first week in Year 5 we studied some settings and wrote our own based on castles and interesting towers. We are currently publishing and illustrating our texts. We are looking forward to showing off the finished result!


We have talked a lot about reading and how our lives are all different stories, therefore we made our own book covers to show our differences in our lives. We also chose our class reading book - Room 13! We hope it's not too spooky!


Just now we are all ready for our first swimming lesson - We are very excited!


Hope you all had a lovely holiday and are well rested ready for the school year ahead!


In class the children and I discussed all of the things we need to know for the upcoming year but it may have been information overload (especially after 6 weeks of rest) so I will add it all below so it can be referred to when needed.




Every week, children are expected to read at least three times at home and have their reading record books signed by an adult. The children do not solely have to read their school reading books that are sent home - it can be anything they enjoy - magazines, newspapers and books of their own too! 


All children in Class 10 are currently taking part our reading challenge, where they are trying to progress through our reading chart for every time their reading record is signed three times in one week - there are loads of prizes on offer and they don't want to miss out! 




As well as their reading, the children have a termly homework project that they will bring home in their homework books that is linked to our current topic "Ancient Egyptians" they can choose from a number of activities and present their homework in lots of different and creative ways. Each week there will also be a weekly task linked to something we have been studying that week in our daily lessons. If your is unsure of the task or how to complete it please encourage them to ask before the date homework is due. There is always help and support available!


Homework will be given out on a Friday and is due in on a Wednesday. 


Your child will also have access to Frogplay and Times Table Rockstars to practice and improve their learning at home





This half term our P.E. days are Mondays and Fridays so your child will need to come with their PE kit.


As well as this there is swimming every Friday until Christmas, please make sure that your child brings their swimming kit on these days. 




This year Class 10 are going to try something new - the children will be deciding what they want to put on our class page each week. Every Friday we will reflect on our learning from the week and write our class page post. Keep an eye on our page to see all the wonderful learning we are doing!


Thank you for all your support!

Miss Clarke

Three lucky Year 5s had the opportunity to go to the Times Table Rockstar Rock Wrangle in Leeds today. We all had a brilliant time, came away with lots of goodies and a fab experience. We may not have won but I was really proud of Summer, Brandon and Inaaya and their excellent attitudes all day. I can’t wait for next year’s!

Summer Term


Wow! Summer term is already here. Class 10 have been working very hard so far. We have been working on our daily arithmetic every morning and our scores have improved drastically. 


We had a fantastic afternoon at Tour De Yorkshire where we cheered on Tzara from our class, who rode fantastically when competing against other schools, in the glorious sunshine, as we soaked up the atmosphere of a huge cycling event in our local area.



As part of our Maths learning we investigated angles, rather than doing this on paper we drew on the tables! It was great fun (don't tell Mrs Witton!) thankfully it all came off the tables but our angles understanding was really shown through this activity! 


Spring 2 Homework Grid

Spring 2 Homework Grid 1

Spring Term

Class 10 have been working very hard this term in all areas of the curriculum. I would like to make a special mention about their effort in Maths. We have spent almost the whole term working on our fractions knowledge and have explored fractions through concrete apparatus, pictorial representations and abstractly. We are beginning to improve our reasoning skills and are working hard to explain our thinking fully.


We have also worked on making links in our reading through "Read Aloud"  where we annotate a text with what we already know or what enters our mind as we are reading.


Lakeside Village Visit

As part of our topic on the Local Area year 5 visited the Lakeside Village to carry out some customer satisfaction surveys. We wanted to find out why people visit the outlet and what improvements they would like to see. We met with the Deputy Manager, Mrs Parry, and had a question and answer session with her. We found out that the Lakeside Village has been open since 1995 (22 years!) and that their target consumer is a female in the 40+ age range.

We then interviewed lots of customers and also spoke to the staff of a number of shops. Our next step is to analyse the data and then provide some feedback to the Management team at the outlet. The children were a credit to the school and a number of people commented upon how polite and enthusiastic the children were - well done guys!


Frog Play

As well as a weekly homework all the children in Class 10 have access to Frog Play where online homework has been set by me and will be updated regularly. We have tried all the passwords in class to ensure the children understand how to log in and use the website.



Class 10 have been fantastic at swimming. The have had positive attitudes towards everything they have been asked and show huge amounts of enthusiasm each week. We even have some children who have already completed their 25m awards and are working on refining their technique.



Homework is sent home every Friday and is due in on a Wednesday. Please ensure that your child keeps the high standards of presentation expected in school within their homework. It would be great to show off some of their excellent efforts.

We have had a very busy term this term!


We have been learning about the Ancient Greeks. We arranged for a professional company, Makers of History, to come and deliver a brilliant day that was extremely educational as well as lots of fun. Check out our pictures to see just how much fun we had!



We have also had a road safety talk where we looked at the importance of paying attention when we are crossing roads. It definitely gave us all lots to think about.



We had a great morning getting messy making Greek theatre masks using papier mache as part of our DT.


As part of our Science week we made our very own bouncy balls! We looked at how the ingredients changed state and the properties of their bouncy ball.



Finally, we created an assembly for the parents to come in and watch about the Indian festival - Holi. We all worked very hard and the end result was brilliant!



Welcome to Y5 - Miss Clarke!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.
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Hope you all had a lovely holiday!


Every week, children are expected to read at least three times at home and have their reading record books signed by an adult. All children in Class 10 are currently taking part our reading challenge, they achieve a tick on the chart for every time their reading record is signed three times in one week. Every tick gets them one step closer to a prize! 


Aswell as reading, children are also expected to practise the spellings they are given weekly and rehearse times tables.


Children will also bring home weekly worksheet to complete,  homework will be put on 'I Am Learning' and children may choose to complete a half-termly project linked to our topic work the Ancient Greeks.


This half term our P.E. days are Mondays and swimming every second Friday, please make sure that your child brings their P.E. kit on these days.


Thank you for all your support!

Miss Clarke and Mrs Hussain