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Y2 - Mrs Phillips

Homework - 14th June

Homework - 14th June 1

Homework 6th June

Homework 6th June 1

This week, Year 2 have completed their SATs. They have all worked really really hard and been keen to do their best. Everyone in school has been really proud of them and nobody more than me, Mrs Williams and Miss Gladstone. Class 4 have been Superstars and we hope you all have a fabulous half term break, then come back ready to wow us some more!


This week saw 13 homeworks brought back which was disappointing but I'm sure this will be improved when we come back. Tia-Rae was our prize winner and she chose a Secret Life of Pets activity pack to take home.

Picture 1

Homework 17.5.19



This week, these children brought their homework back with Lucas being our winner. Well done to everyone who did their homework!

Homework 12.4.19


Today, Harley noticed that half of the class had done their homework, which means that half hadn't. We can do better! Zofia was the worthy winner of our prize draw. Well done Zofia!

Making Money


Today, the children have been  making different amounts using different coins. Some of them played a game on the computers and it would be great if they could practise at home too.

Follow the link below to have a go!

Homework 5.4.19


Of the 14 people who did their homework this week, Harley was our prize winner. Well done Harley!

Homework 29.3.19


20 people brought back their homework this week - better but not our best yet! Tia-Rae was the winner of our random prize draw. Well done everyone. I hope we manage to beat 20 next week!

Homework 22.3.19


This week, 15/30 people did their homework. Next week I would like to see everyone completing the shape homework they have been given.

Ben was the well deserved winner of our prize draw - Well done Ben! smiley

Homework - 15.3.19


This week there were 15 homeworks returned with both Adama and Jia winning a prize from our random prize draw. Well done girls!

Spring 2 homework

World Book Day

We had a great time on Friday celebrating World Book Day. Everyone came to school in their pyjamas ready to make dens and get cosy with a book. It was lovely to have parents stay for a while in the morning and share a story, and really fun to build dens in the afternoon!

Special delivery

Special delivery 1
Today a mysterious parcel arrived along with a note and clues. We had some excellent predictions about our new story!

Minibeast hunt

Minibeast hunt 1
Minibeast hunt 2
Minibeast hunt 3
Minibeast hunt 4
Despite the cold weather, we found lots of amazing creatures hiding in our nature area. We lifted logs and stones to find beetles, centipedes, spiders and other minibeasts. Everyone kept a tally of what they found and then produced a bar chart of their findings.

Outdoor learning

Outdoor learning 1
Outdoor learning 2
Outdoor learning 3
Outdoor learning 4
Class 4 have been multiplying using arrays. They used leaves, sticks and the playground cones to find solutions to the two times tables. They really impressed us with how well they could talk about what they were doing!


Homework 1
Homework 2

We’ve had some very creative homeworks for our Minibeasts and DT work. Zofia and Laila made a catapult each, this is Zofia’s.

Ben did this beautiful collage of a habitat. Can you see all of the creatures he gave homes to?

Spring 1 Homework - Minibeasts

Below is the homework sheet that the children brought home in their homework books, just in case it's gone missing! These homeworks are optional and in addition to the maths or English homework that is brought home. Please remember that we ask for books to be returned by Thursday so they can be marked and ready to go home on Friday.

Thank you.

Homework - 30.11.18


This week we had 16/29 homeworks completed. All of those people were put into our weekly draw and the winner was....Leigha! She chose a stationery set to take home and complete her other pieces of homework with. Who will it be next week?

Homework - 23.11.18


This week, 13 out of 29 children completed their homework. The winner of the prize draw was Sarah who chose a pencil case from the treasure box. Please make sure you do the maths or English homework you take home every Friday. Well done to those who did!

Silly Sentences

Silly Sentences 1
Silly Sentences 2
Some of the children in Class 4 had fun making silly sentences containing adjectives today. They have been working hard on knowing the types of words they might use, including nouns, verbs and adjectives.
Everyone did a great job of making the fruit salads they had designed with their group. I’ve never seen children enjoy fruit so much! 

Homework - 16.11.18


This week, 21 out of 29 children completed their homework. The winner of the prize draw was Amira who chose a sticker book from the treasure box. Well done!

Homework - 9.11.18


This week 20 out of 29 people gave in their homework. The winner of the prize draw was Adama who picked a lovely stationary set to take home and do next week's homework with!

Meeting Mouse

Meeting Mouse 1
Everyone loved meeting Mouse the meerkat from Reptile Rendevous, especially the adults! He came to visit Year 3&4 but since we have been reading Meerkat Mail in English, they kindly let us spend some time with him too. 


As part of our Ourselves topic, the children had to find out how people changed as they got older. They measured people using either standard or non standard units. Mrs Bossons would be pleased to hear that they remembered how to measure accurately really well!


Year 2 have been learning about themselves including finding out about their 5 senses. They had to use each of their senses to describe different sights, smells, sounds, tastes and touches. Mrs Phillips and Mrs Williams particularly enjoyed the children tasting the lemons, especially Sayad’s reaction who loved them and even wanted seconds!

Welcome to Class 4!

Mrs Williams and I were really excited to meet our new class as we had heard such amazing things about them and we were not disappointed! Everyone has settled in really well and we are now working on getting used to a new routine.


This half term, our topic is 'Ourselves' where the children will be finding out all about their body and their senses. The children have already been working hard on learning about themselves and I am sure they will keep up their efforts.


P.E. days are Wednesday and Thursday. Please ensure your child has the correct kit of a plain white or blue t-shirt and black or blue shorts. We would also appreciate an outdoor kit of jogging bottoms and a jumper/top as well as different shoes for when it isn't raining.


All of the children now have a home reading book and we have already begun our reading challenge! You will notice that the children get a sticker each time they read. Once they get to ten, they move themselves along the 'Fairytale Road' that you can see up in the shared area. Thank you for hearing your child read as often as possible, we would appreciate it if you could hear them at least 3 times a week.


If you have any questions, concerns or just want to know anything, please let us know.


Mrs Phillips & Mrs Williams



York Railway Museum


Class 4 really enjoyed their trip to York Railway Museum, they had a fabulous Punch and Judy show, a ride on the miniature railway. We then had some time to look at some of the trains in the museum and find out some interesting facts about them. 

Class 4 were then ready to have their dinner and were really sensible and a credit to the school. 

To finish we went to have a presentation about The Rocket - made by George Stephenson. The children really enjoyed acting out the way that train moves and all the different processes that it went through to move. 


We will add some pictures shortly for you to look at.