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School breaks up for Summer on Friday 19th July at 3pm. Autumn term begins on Tuesday 3rd September at 8.30am. Have a safe and happy Summer break.

Y1 - Miss Hawcroft

Seaside Day


The seaside day was an absolute success. The children loved it. We had lots of games for the children to play, donkey rides, paddling pools and fish and chips for dinner. The ice-cream and donuts for dessert was also a lovely treat! After dinner, all the children settled down to watch a Punch and Judy show, which was fantastic! The children treated the donkeys with sure care and respect and it was a pleasure to see their faces light up when riding them. What a great day! 


Please find some of the photos from our donkey rides below. 

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Sports Week


This week, Class 2 have been taking part in lots of sports related activities. These have included: riding bikes, a dance workshop, PE lessons, sports day and Race for Life.  They have shown off their sportsmanship and their wonderful behaviour. 


Please find pictures below of the children at Sports Day and during the Race for Life. Thank you all for your kind donations and support!

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24.05.19 - Homework and Fantastic Fish


We had 8 children bring their homework back this week. Well done to those people! :) I hope to see more beautiful homework in the first week back after half-term. The homework prize was for Olivia this week.


We also gave our Fantastic Fish to Harvey for his wonderful effort to improve his reading and writing.


This half-term those children who read 3 times a week every week received a prize. Huge congratulations to you. Regular reading has such a great impact on their reading skills. 


I have loved seeing their faces light up this half-term when they have succeeded. Have a great break and be safe! :)

Well-Being Day and Homework - 17.05.19


What a fantastic day we have had. It started with Theo being our fantastic fish and certificates for Hania, Rayaan and Eda. Each class then had a turn on the bouncy castle assault race before completing activities about mental well-being. In class 2, we listened to the story "The Lion Inside" and wrote motivational thought bubbles. We then discussed who we could share our worries with and how we could make ourselves feel happier.


In the afternoon, the school fair was a fantastic success and we raised lots of money to support the mental health of the children within school and their learning.


Lastly  - our homework winner was Rose. Well done everyone who brought their homework back :)

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02.05.19 - Salvation Army visit


What a wonderful day. The staff at the Salvation Army all commented on how great the behaviour of the children was. Parents should be very proud. Throughout the day, each group participated within a selection of activities to learn about Christianity and the role of the Salvation Army. They learned what Christians believe about how God made the world, the uniform they wear and their role in lots of countries, important features of a church, how we can help our community and the role of music within the Salvation Army. The children had a try at creating the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle" using bells. 


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Homework and Reading at Home


Well done to all those that bring their homework back before Thursday. It is great to see your home learning that you do with your adults. Keep it up! Every week, one child out of all those that bring their homework back is chosen at random to receive a small prize. This weeks winner was Andrei. Well done! Please see some of the homework the children have done below.


Also, the children's enthusiasm for our reading challenge this week has been lovely to see. Every time a child reads at home 3 times a week (Friday-Friday) they receive a small prize. Please write in your child's reading record when they have read their book.  There were 10 children this week. I hope to see this number grow as reading regularly is key.


Thank you for your hard work this term, Class 2. I have loved seeing your personalities grow and your enthusiasm for learning. Have a great break! 

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Merry Christmas

We have had such great first term and we finished it with a bang! I am so impressed with the progress children have made this year so far, I cannot wait to see what they are capable of next term. Please find the pictures below of the Christmas festivities. The children absolutely loved the pantomime that came into school and of course meeting Santa after their Christmas party buffet.

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Remembrance Day 

In class we have learnt about the Great World War and that it has been 100 years since it ended. We looked at the differences between then and now, before making our poppies for our wreath. We laid this at the front during our Rememberance assembly before our minute silence. What a great display we have made as a school! 

October Half-Term


What a great half-term we have had. We have finished our innovations of 'A Squash and a Squeeze' and have been working hard when exploring addition with numbers up to 10, our number bonds and even completing word problems! Our topic of 'All About Me' was a success. Please see of their wonderful drawings using different techniques below. Our topic next term will be 'Weather'.


As always, this week we handed out prizes for reading and for homework.  To be in for a chance of winning, you have to bring your homework book back by Thursday. This week's winner was Hashim! If you read 3 times a week at home, you also have a chance of winning the prize. Your face will move up the reading challenge chart too and when you reach the top you will receive a certificate in assembly. This term's winner is Hania!


Have a great break, you all deserve it for working so hard! We will see you on the 5th November!

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Our Reading Cafe


It was such a great morning with both children and adults enjoying lots of different books. You could tell that the children were so excited to share a book with their loved ones. Thank you to everyone that came. There will be another one next term, where we hope to see even more people attend!

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Welcome to Class 2! 


Welcome back to school Year 1! I am very much looking forward to the incredible year that we shall have together. 


- Homework: There are numerous homework tasks that your child can complete in the order they wish. Homework is due in on Thursdays. Homework books will be sent back on Friday's.


- Reading: Reading is such a crucial part of Year 1. This year will expand our phonic knowledge of different sounds and improve our blending skills. If you would like any information on how to support your child's phonics, please ask! Reading at home with your child will benefit them greatly. Books are changed daily. Please write when you have heard your child read their book in their reading journals as we have a reading challenge in Year 1. Every time your child reads 3 times at home in one week, they move up the planets. This means they are in with a chance of winning a weekly prize. Once they reach the 7th planet, they will receive a certificate in assembly. We are in competition with Class 1, so keep your eyes on our displays to see who is winning! 


- PE: This will happen on Thursdays and Fridays. Please bring your kit (indoor kit for the autumn term) for these days. Children are not to wear earrings for PE. If they cannot get them out themselves, please  send tape/plasters with your child that they can use to cover them. 


Thank you, 

Miss Hawcroft, Miss Birch and Miss Kabir

Year 1 National Railway Museum Visit


Class 2 had an excellent day at The National Railway Museum. First we had a great time riding the miniature railway! Then we enjoyed learning all about George Stephenson and his Rocket. Afterwards we also enjoyed watching a very funny Punch and Judy show about going on a journey to the seaside. Take a look at some of our photos below.....




Year 1 Diwali Assembly


Thank you to all the parents and carers that came to our Year 1 Diwali Assembly! It was great to show off all the fantastic work we have been doing in class about Diwali.


Take a look at some of our photos below.........

Dinosaur Workshop


All of Class 2 had a fantastic time at our dinosaur workshop last week. We have the chance to see and feel some real dinosaur bones and eggs! We also look at lots of different dinosaur fossils and learnt all about how to make a 'copy' of a fossil. We did some fossil rubbings and created some of our own fossils.


Take a look at some of our photos below.......


Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs!


Class 2 have been learning the story 'Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs'.  In the story Harry goes to the library with his dinosaurs. We went for a visit to the library in school and took dinosaurs with us just like Harry!


Take a look at some our photos below.....


KS1 enjoyed a fantastic Teddy Bears Picnic this afternoon as part of our money week. Thank you to all the parents who attended and help us to raise money towards our Seaside Day!!



Year 1 are having a lovely sports week! So far we have had lots of fun learning some cheerleading and have completed lots of different field sports including hurdles, long jump and football rounder's. Take a look at some of our photos below.


KS1 Easter Craft


The children in Class 2 had a fantastic afternoon at the Easter Craft event.


We made chicks, rabbits, eggs, cards and much more!


Take a look at some of our photos below........

Church Visit


Class 2 have had a fantastic time today visiting Lakeside Community Church.


We visited five different zones learning all about the Salvation Army and what they do to help other people.


Take a look below at some of our photos.



Class 2 Reading Café


Thank you to all of the parents and carers who came to our reading café this morning. We all had a great time reading books and eating breakfast. Take a look at some of our photos below.


We're Going on a Bug Hunt!


Today Class 2 enjoyed hunting for bugs in the wildlife area. We found lots of different mini-beast including woodlice, worms, snails and earwigs!


Take a look at some of our photos below.


Rain Gauge


Class 2 have had a busy afternoon making rain gauges. To make our rain gauges we used; a plastic bottle, two paper clips, and a ruler. After we had made our rain gauges we put them outside in a clear space to catch the rain. We will check them each day to measure how much rain has fallen.


Christmas Party


Class 2 had a fantastic time at their Christmas party! We played lots of exciting games and even had a surprise visit from Santa!


We ended the afternoon with our delicious party food!Thank you to all the parents and carers for your contributions.


Take a look at some of our fantastic photos below.



Blunder Bus


KS1 have had a fantastic afternoon watching the performance of 'Lilly and the Snow Bear' by the Blunder Bus Theatre Company. 


Grandad made an air balloon for Lilly as a Christmas present. But the 'baddy' Slugworm wanted to eat everything in sight even Mrs Ratty Bottom (Miss Coan)sad

He made them all eat wiggly worms! Yuk!

All ended well when Lilly found a Snow Bear and called it Snowy. Finally they found Snowy's Mum and they all lived happily ever after! 


KS1 Craft Afternoon


The KS1 children enjoyed their Christmas Craft Afternoon. It was great to see so many children and parents enjoying themselves making lots of lovely Christmas crafts. Thank you to everyone that came and made it and fantastic afternoon.

Cusworth Hall 


Class 2 had a fantastic day at Cusworth Hall. 


We had the chance to learn about lots of different toys from the past and had the opportunity to play with lots of different toys. We compared old toys to our toys at home thinking about how they are different. Take a look at some of our photos below. 


Year 1 Diwali Class Assembly


Thank you to all the parents and carers that came along to the Year 1 Class assembly about Diwali. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to share all of the wonderful work they have been doing in class about Diwali with their parents and carers. Take a look at some of our pictures below.


One parent said "Beautiful work from the children. Loved it!"


Another parent said "Lovely work and a clear understanding showed of the programme of study."


Thank you again for your continued support in your child's education.


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you for another fantastic week of learning in Year 1.





Class 2 have been learning all about Diwali, a Hindu festival of lights.


We have created Diwali lamps, Rangoli patterns and Diva lamps which we will be showing in our class assembly on Friday at 2.30pm.


We look forward to seeing you there!