Year 5

In our Outdoor and Adventurous Activity unit in PE, we directed each other around a course using the 8 points of a compass as well as using degrees to indicate turns taken.

As part of our Space topic, we compared the relative size, position and distances of the planets in our solar system using different sized balls to represent the planets and number of steps between them. We couldn't believe how far away Pluto was to Neptune! 

When we learned about heraldry, medieval knights and their armour, we created our very own shields. Shields were often symmetrical so when making our designs we were challenged to create a shield that had more than one line of symmetry.

We were creating our very own Egyptian headdresses. To make a headdress fit for an Egyptian pharaoh we had to take a variety of measurements to ensure that our headdresses were symmetrical (if that was our design), fit and framed our faces, would be held at the right height on our shoulders and fit the circumference of our heads.

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