W/B 23/11/2020

Foundation Two


Please log on to the pupil area on this website  - pupil login at the top left of the home screen.  Videos have been added for each child, matching their ability.  The username and password details were sent as a tect message to all parents on Sunday morning.  It would really help your child if the watch and participate in the videos.


In maths we will start the week by watching Numberblock episode 'Number 4' - click the link to watch at home:

Number 4

we will then working on selecting only 4 objects from a basket of many more, arranging them in different ways and noticing patterns such as 2 and 2 makes 4, 3 and 1 makes 4 etc.

We will also continue our work on finding 1 more and subitising.


We are super excited to welcome around 30 children back on Monday evening for our Bedtime Stories session.  We will be getting cosy in our pj's and srinking some hpt chocolate and eating cookies whilst listening to some great stories.  Photos to follow!

This week we will be focussing on the story 'Tell me something happy before I go to sleep'.  We will be sparking our imagination and egaging in some story telling by making up some fantastic dreams!


Please find attached  PDF telling you all about what we are doing next week.

Don't forget if you ever need to discuss anything we will always make time to talk.

Files to Download

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