W/B 2/11/2020

Foundation Two:


This week we will be learning the sounds r, j, y and v

The children will also be assessed this week to see what sounds they have retained.  From these assessments the children will then be grouped across 3 groups according to their ability.  Children who need it will also receive 1:1 tutoring each day to help them keep up.

We will be sending home the next set of sounds for handwriting practise at the end of the week.  Thank you to those who completed the last set.


This week in maths we will be digging deeper into the numbers 1, 2 and 3.  We will start the week with some subitising activities.  We will then be looking at different ways of representing each number and going on a number hunt around the enviromnment.  The children will play games and be set challenges taht requires them to count 1, 2 and 3 objects out from a larger set.  Finally we will be counting other things that we cant touch or move such as movements and sounds.


Our new topic this half term is 'What Happens When I Fall Asleep?'

This week we are thinking about the moon and the stars and will be readiing the book 

'How to Catch a Star'  by Oliver Jeffers.  You can listen to the story on YouTube by clicking on the link:

How to Catch a Star

The children will be thinking carefully about the story and thinking of thier own ways to catch a star.

We will also be talking about Bonfire night and the reason behind all the fire works and bonfires.  The children will be creating their own firework pictures and making some edible sparklers!

Foundation One;

Hi everyone we hope you have had a great week off and we are looking forward to the next half term.

This week we are

  • Singing '5 Little Pumpkins' and ordering real numbered pumpkins.
  • We are going to be making up our own stories, creating character names and using story language in our play-'Once upon a time', next, now, later on and the end'
  • We are choosing the nursery rhymes we want to sing
  • Lastly we are also starting our new topic ,'What Happend When I Fall Asleep?' We will be reading the book 'How to Catch a Star'  by Oliver Jeffers.  You can listen to the story on YouTube by clicking on the link above.

Maybe you could look at the stars at bedtime and talk about they are, where they come from, how do they stay in the sky! 

Look out for our update about next weeks learning.

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