WB 19/10/2020

Foundation Two:


This week we will be learning the sounds:

f, e, l and h

Here is a guide for parents on supporting your child to learn set 1 sounds:

Parents guide to teaching set 1 sounds

This week the children will be bringing home handwriting sheets for some of the previously taught sounds to complete.


In maths this week we are looking at patterns.  We will be using some natural resources that link to autumn to create a repeating pattern.  The children will be asked to describe the pattern and predict what will come next.

We will also look at using colours and shapes, especially circles and triangles as we have learned these in depth.  Ask your child to make you a repeating pattern at home using some things from around the house.


We have been talking about the season autumn and thinking about the changes that occur in the environment.  We have talked about animals that hibernate and animals that are nocturnal.  Ask your child 'What do we call an animal that only comes out at night?' or 'Can you tell me an animal that hibernates?'

We have also been looking carefully at the changes to the trees, talking about the colour changes and how the leaves fall off the trees.  This week we will be colour mixing autumn leaf colours to make our own.

The children have also been learning two harvest songs so keep an eye out on the class page as we will posting videos of those children with permission.

Half Term Challenge:  Send us an 'Autumn Selfie' this could be a photo of you out in the woods, throwing some autumn leaves, collecting some conkers!

Send your pictures to 


Have a happy half term, stay safe!

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