WB 12/10/2020

Foundation Two:

RWI Phonics:

This week we will be learning the sounds c, k, u, b and f.

Can you find some objects around your home that begin with these sounds?  Can you write the sound and draw what you found and bring it in to school?  You could ask a parent to take a photo and send it to me or bring the photo in.

Don't forget to practise Fred Talk all the time!


In maths we are looking at the number 3.

As always we will start off with the Numberblocks episode on number 3.  Click on the link to watch this again in your own time.

Numberblocks Three

We will be finding 3 of something, learning to write the number 3, finding one more and one less than 3, seeing how many ways we can make 3.  We will also look at the triangle as this has 3 straight sides and three corners.

Can you find three of something at home?  Can you spot the number three anywhere in your home or when you are out and about?  Can you draw a triangle?  Can you spot any triangles when you are out and about or in your home?

In other areas of the curriculum we will continue to develop fine motor skills which will help strengthen our hands for writing - this includes dough, painting, cutting, using equipment such as hole punches.

We are also thinking about the question 'Why do you love me so much?' and thinking about who lives in our home and our families.

WC  FS1 12/10/20

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