W/B 5/10/2020

Foundation Two:

RWI - Read, Write Inc (phonics)

How to say the sounds - A guide for parents

Please click on the link above to support with pronunciation of the sounds the children are learning in school.

Last week we learned m, a, d, s and t and this week we have learned i, n, p, g and o

I have also attached the handwriting phrases that we encourage the children to say as they are writing them.  This encourages the children to form the letters correctly and develop good habits.

Fred Talk

During each phonics session we also have a Fred Talk session.  This is when Fred the Frog who can only say the sounds asks the children to listen carefully and blend the words back together.  This is an essential part of the session as this skill is required to blend to read and segment to spell.

When at home use 'Fred Talk' when ever you can.  E.g. Its time for l-u-n-ch.  Go and get your c-oa-t.  Can you put on your s-o-ck-s.  Can they work out what you are saying?  Encourage them to say the sounds back followed by the word e.g. I've got my c-oa-t coat.

FS1 WC 5/10/20 Please find attached some of the activities we have been doing this week in FS1 !

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