New EYFS Starters September 2021

We would like to wish a warm welcome to all of our new parents and children who will be joining us in September 2021 at Lakeside Primary Academy.   This area of the website is dedicated to you.  It is a place that we can share information and keep you updated with any news.

You will have now heard if your child has been allocated a place with us in F1 and F2.  If you haven't yet applied or didn't realise that you needed to then please do as soon as possible.  We still have places available.

Click on the link below which will take you to the council website, where you can apply:

Meet the staff:


Mrs Holland - EYFS Lead/Assistant Head, Mrs Callan - EYFS Teacher, Miss Moore - TA, Mrs Wragg - Nursery Nurse, Miss Smith - TA


What will my child need when they start school?

Sometimes as a parent we are not sure what we need to send with our child to school.  I have included below everything they will need.

Will they need a bag?

Each child in EYFS (Nursery & Reception) will be allocated their own locker with their picture on the front.

As you can see the locker per child isn't huge, therefore they do not need to bring a huge rucksack.  All they will need in their bag is a change of clothes.

What about a snack?

All children in EYFS will be provided with one healthy snack per day.  This is provided by the school and will be fruit or veg. No snacks form home will be eaten in school, so it is easier if they are not placed in bags.

All children in EYFS are also entitled free milk until they turn 5 years old.  To ensure that your child receives milk you will need to register by clicking on the link before.  You need to make sure that this is done well before your child starts school as it takes a couple of weeks to filter through.  Only the milk ordered will be delivered to school.  Once your child turns 5 you will need to log back on if you would like them to continue receiving milk and pay.

Cool Milk

What if they don't like milk?

If your child doesn't wish to have milk then they will need to bring a named water bottle that is taken home each day and refilled.

What will my child do for lunch?

Every child in F2 (Reception) is entitled to a free school meal.  They will be entitled a free school meal until they start Y3!  We cater for vegetarian children and we always ensure that each child gets the correct meal.  Most children in F2 have a school meal.  If you wish to send your own packed lunch then please do.  This needs to be in a lunch box with their name on and contain a healthy packed lunch. Please inform a member of staff if they are having a packed lunch.

Do they need pens and pencils?

All the equipment the children need to carry out their learning is available in school.  we have lots of different mark making equipment, from pencils, pens, coloured pencils and felt tips.  Your child will have everything they need within the unit.  That's one less thing to pack in their bag!

What happens if it is raining?  Will my child play outdoors?

Yes!  We go outdoors regardless of weather.  There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!  Going outside in the rain will not make your child ill, by staying inside a hot, stuffy room with lots of other children your child is more likely to catch a cold.  As we do go outdoors in all weathers we ask that your child brings to school waterproofs and wellies.  We ask that these are clearly named and left at school at all times.

Please ensure that they are fully waterproof and not just showerproof.  As you can see they can get pretty wet and muddy and we want to keep their uniform underneath nice and dry!  Children absolutely love being outdoors and it is an essential part of the EYFS curriculum.  Please consider the wellies and waterproofs as part of their uniform.

What do they need to wear?

All children in the EYFS unit (Nursery & Reception children) need to wear a uniform, including school shoes.  Please consider school shoes carefully and choose shoes without laces and ensure that trousers and skirts are elasticated (to make using the toilet independently easier!).

Please follow the link below for further information on school uniform:

School Uniform

So as you can see the only thing your child needs to bring to school is a change of clothes which can be kept in their locker.  Wellies and waterproofs which will be kept at school, a water bottle (named) and a packed lunch if your child isn't having a school meal. Keep it minimal!

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