Feedback from Families

Lakeside Remote Education: A bespoke blended learning strategy

We are really pleased that the blended remote learning approach that school staff have designed for Lakeside Primary families seems to be having a real impact and is proving to be so popular.  It works like this:

We provide the paper resources children would use normally in class alongside three live Zoom lessons every day.  This means that pupils can watch teachers model the daily learning (using visualisers and screen share of lesson slides) as well as live teaching and feedback.  Break-out rooms provide more personalised support, matched to need.  Plus, children who might not have access to a laptop or be able to download documents can complete the work they need.  This is then returned to school and more feedback is given where needed.  All the resources can also be downloaded from the Virtual Learning Environment on the website.  Pupils can also receive feedback there too.

Praise for Lakeside Remote Education

Thank you, it's great that he can see his teachers and other kids, I can't imagine him going back to school without those meetings.

Thank you to you and all the staff for all the hard work you do to teach the kids! Really appreciate all the help and support especially since work is getting busier.

We've found this week to be enjoyable, the packs are easy to navigate and the zoom calls help very much.

Thank you to all the staff who put so much hard work into preparing the paper learning packs, it really helps with learning at home.

Although my child is in school the teacher called anyway just to ask how we're doing, is there anything she can do to help him. And it's not the first time. When myself and kids were isolating in November she also called. Of course there was conversation about home learning but not only.  She showed interest in our health - mentally and physically.  She always underlined that if I need help I just need to contact her.  Personally I think it's really, really nice and that is the kindness which we're all talking about from the beginning when COVID started.

I would like to thank you all - all teachers, teaching assistants, personnel which are responsible for preparing food, all staff which make sure that classes are clean and safe and all other staff.

Clear Zoom sessions and a well-structured timetable which allows children to access all their learning.

The teachers do a fantastic job in engaging the children.

The direct interaction with teachers and students is fantastic - children are happy to see their class mates and discuss their problems with their teachers.

Would really like to appreciate all the hard work teachers are putting in to make the learning experience understandable at home.

Well done to every single one of the teachers!


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