Curriculum overview

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Organisation of the curriculum

The curriculum at Lakeside Primary Academy is organised into discrete areas; 

  • English and maths are taught daily and hold a priority position in our curriculum.
  • We use a topic based approach for teaching science, history, geography, art and design technology. This enables us to make appropriate links and connections between different areas of the curriculum.
  • Other subjects such as physical education, religious education, PSHE, computing, e-safety, music and French are unique in their approach and have specific guidance/ programmes for their implementation. 
  • Finally here at Lakeside we are determined to ensure our children have a wide range of experience and opportunities and have developed a bespoke ZEST (Emotional Support Program with extra Zing) to support this.

Resources and Programmes

Details of the programmes of study for each curriculum area can be found on the individual subject pages. The different resources that we use to support our curriculum are outlined below. 


1.JPG  2.JPG  3.JPG  4(1).JPG

5.JPG  6.JPG  7.JPG  m5.JPG



m1.JPG   M2.JPG  M3(1).JPG   M4.JPG


Topic Based Approach         Cstone.png

As a school we used Cornerstones as a Starting point to develop our science, history, geography, art and design technology curriciulum based on a topic based approach. Over the course of the year 1-5 study 5 different topics, year 6 4 topics and Early Year 6 topics. These have been adapted and developed over the last few years to ensure they reflect what is improtant for the children at Lakeside to learn in line with the National Curriculum. 

Each of the topics in Cornerstones follows a four part sequence.


More informtion about these subjects can be found on each subject's page. Click on the boxes below to see examples of resources we use to plan and deliver our topics.



Religious Education                    PSHE                                      Music                                       PE

T1.JPG  T2.JPG  T4.JPG   T3(1).JPG


Computing                                    E-safety                                   French                                      Zest 

T5.JPG  T6.JPG  french 2.JPG   zest 2.JPG

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