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We reviewed our remote education policy and procedures during February half term.  Please see the live learning agreement below (and revised policy) that must be read by pupils and parents and signed by parents in order to access the school's live online lessons.


We are really pleased that the blended remote learning approach that school staff have designed for Lakeside Primary families seems to be having a real impact and is proving to be so popular.  It works like this:

We provide the paper resources children would use normally in class alongside three live Zoom lessons every day.  This means that pupils can watch teachers model the daily learning (using visualisers and screen share of lesson slides) as well as live teaching and feedback.  Break-out rooms provide more personalised support, matched to need.  Plus, children who might not have access to a laptop or be able to download documents can complete the work they need.  This is then returned to school and more feedback is given where needed.  All the resources can also be downloaded from the Virtual Learning Environment on the website.  Pupils can also receive feedback there too.

For more details see below for the remote learning offer and some FAQs.

Parents and pupils should also read the live lesson protocol for rules about Zoom sessions.


Please see letter for a summary of the school's remote education provision during lockdown.


We have carefully surveyed parents for their views on the remote learning provided by school should a child need to self-isolate or a class bubble close.  Although there are many differing opinions and expectations - we have tried to take those into account and, at the same time, to improve our home learning offer.  Please see Version 1 of the Lakeside remote learning expectations below.  We will keep it under regular review.


Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) - How to Guide

Using pupil and parent areas:

Verification code

Our school verification code is 230257

Using the parent area of the website:

The following video explains how to use the parent area of our website. Your username and password will have been emailed to you for this area of the website. If you haven't yet provided school with an email address please contact us at to update your details.

If you were sent several emails with your parent login details go to the parent login page (click here) and click the 'forgot login' option to set your own password.

How to videos:

How to login to the parent's area.

How to check my child's homework.

A full tour from our website provider.

Using the pupil area of the website:

The following video explains how to use the pupil area of our website. Your username and password will have been sent to your parents for this area of the website. 

How to videos:

How to login to the pupil area.

How to complete your homework

How to get help with your homework

A full tour from our website provider.

Using Zoom safely and securely for meetings with teachers:

This brilliant video guide will talk you through how to access Zoom sessions with your child's teacher and gives some great hints and tips on how to use Zoom safely and securely.

User guides:

See the downloads at the bottom of the page for a user guide to the pupil area.

What do I do if I don't have access to Microsoft Word?

If your child's homework is set using Mircosoft Word and you don't have access to it there are a range of programs you can use to open, edit and save a Word docuent for all platforms.

Android and Apple:

Microsoft Word is available as a free app on all Apple and Android devices. Avilable free via your app store.

Google Docs to edit and save Word documents. Avilable free from your app store.


Microsoft offer Word Online for free. This requires you to set up a Microsoft email account to access.

Other operating systems:

Microsoft offer Word Online for free. This requires you to set up a Microsoft email account to access.

What the pupil area does:

Our pupil area lets teachers provide online homework for your child which can be completed and sent back to their teacher so it can be marked and your child can receive feedback, just as they would in the classroom. This is sometimes called a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

It also lets your child ask their teacher, and the other pupils in class, questions about their work and to share tips, ideas and suggestions.

Teachers will provide interactive teaching materials to go with the homework they set which will help your child understand what to do and make it feel more like they are working with their teacher.

How is the pupil area different to the home learning resources pages?

The pupil area is a more interactive version of the home learning resources pages. The resources are the same but there is extra help and support provided so it feels more like your child is working with their teacher.

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