Autumn 2 - Blue Abyss - a fishy start!

This term Year 4's topic is called Blue Abyss. This topic involves looking at the oceans and finding out about some of the marine animals that live in our waters. We will also be exploring how we can care for our oceans and try to stop pollution endangering many species of aquatic life. Normally, we would have paid a visit to The Deep aquarium in Hull. Unfortunately, this was not an option! So, instead we had a day where we made our own aquariums and filled them with fantastic fish! We made beautiful coral like plants from pipecleaners and beads and furry pom poms. The fish were crafted from fimo modelling clay. The children also carried out some research into actual fish that live amongst the coral reefs. They had the opportunity to draw some fish and in English the children will be writing reports about their own new species of fish that they have discovered while carrying out marine research in the coral reefs of the Pacific Ocean. The class really took time and care with everything that they did and the aquariums look amazing! What a great start to the term!

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