Year 5 Heron 2022 - 2023

Miss Hartley

Welcome to Y5 Heron

Start time will be 8:30am and we will be letting the children into school from the brown shared area doors, we will open the doors at 8.25am and collection time is 3:00pm.

Important Information:

PE days are Tuesday afternoon for PE. School PE kit is black leggings, jogging bottoms or shorts, white t-shirt and a jacket other than their outdoor coat if possible. Children can come to school dressed in their PE kits.

Please ensure that your child has a named bottle with only water inside, we are a healthy school and promote children drinking water, staff also drink water with the children throughout the day. If you would like your child to have a carton of milk you can sign up for this on (or ask at the office if you need help)

Reading books are being sent home with the children and children can change them independently when they need a new one.

Thank you for your continued support, if you have any more questions please feel free to ask. 

Miss Hartley (Class Teacher) and Mrs Deakin (HLTA)

Maths - Spring 1:

This half term in Maths Year 5 will be working on multiplication and division. Within this unit we will be looking at prime numbers and square numbers. Remember to sign up to Learning with Parents to help support your childs learning.

English - Spring 1:

The children have been looking at the features of an adventure story. The children will work on writing their own dilemma story that includes key features such as speech, expanded noun phrases and description. There will be some work uploaded onto Learning with Parents for the children to work through.

Topic – Pharaohs – Spring 1:

Let’s travel back 5000 years to ancient Egypt, cruising along the Nile and entering a world of mysteries, curses and mummies.

This half term, we are going to learn first-hand about the gruesome, yet fascinating, process of mummification. We’ll write a report about Howard Carter’s famous discovery and use different sources to research Tutankhamun’s tomb. We’ll also consider whether it was right to open Tutankhamun’s tomb, or whether it should have been left as it was. Our work will inspire us to write some exciting Egyptian mystery stories and non-fiction books and the internet will provide us with information to make fact files. We’ll draw Egyptian artefacts in detail, focusing on symbols and design features. Studying historical sources will help us learn more about the Pharaohs, the Egyptian gods and ancient religious beliefs. We’ll find out about the food that was eaten at the time, make some Egyptian bread and use recycled materials to build model tombs.

At the end of the ILP, we’ll think about how the ancient Egyptians contributed to world history, then create and present a guide about ancient Egyptian sites.

Help your child prepare for their project
It’s amazing that a civilisation from 5000 years ago still influences the way we live today, from mathematics to bowling! Why not try a variety of fruits for dessert that the ancient Egyptians would buy from their local market? You could taste juicy cantaloupes, sweet dates or flavoursome plums. You could also visit your local library to learn about the amazing world of ancient Egypt. Alternatively, use online maps to look at famous Egyptian landmarks and track the course of the Nile.

As always if you have any questions then please feel free to ask!

Miss Hartley

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