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Welcome Back!

Here are some important pieces of information about our class…

  • Our day starts at 8:30 and ends at 3pm
  • In our class expect to see - Mrs Sutherill, Mrs Bartley, Mrs Coleman and Mrs Milner.
  • Our PE day is on Tuesday and so children are asked to come to school in their PE kit on a Tuesday ( please wear a school PE kit , tracksuits are available to order or children can wear blue/ black leggings or joggers and a white T shirt. Trainers need to be worn for outdoor PE please.)
  • Spellings are given out weekly and a short test will be given the following week, remember to practise!

All children now have a reading book. Ideally children should read at least 3 x a week at home, but more if possible! Please sign your child's reading diary as they collect prizes for reading at home.

Children have log ins for the following websites and this is the learning children are expected to complete at home. Activities will be added to these websites for the children to complete.

Log in details have been sent home and children have spare copies in their drawers.

Purple mash

Times tables rockstars

Reading plus

Learning with parents ( Email invite sent to parent's email address )

Thank you

Mrs Sutherill

Find out more about our learning...

Our Curriculum in Summer 



We take part in daily maths lessons and we hope that children really enjoy their learning. Our teaching incorporates the concrete ( physical apparatus), pictorial( visual representation )and abstract( the written concepts ) model and children are encouraged to choose whatever method they find the most helpful . Maths equipment is available to children at all times as we encourage children to be indepedent in their learning. You may hear children talking about base 10 or place value counters as we are using those to help with our understanding of numbers and Mathematical concepts. 


Base 10.jpgCPA.jpgcounters.jpg

This term, our maths learning begins with our Decimals unit. Here are some of the things we are learning to do:

  • Recognise tenths and hundredths.
  • Write decimals.
  • Order decimals.
  • Round decimals.

Next we move on to time. Here are some of the things we will be learning to do:

  • Hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Years, months, weeks and days.
  • Analogue and digital 24 hour clock.



This term in literacy the children will be exploring myths and legends from Roman times. We will be reading the myth of Romulus and Remus who were believed to have founded the city of Rome as well as some other exciting myths. The children will then be creating their own myth. We will also be looking at recounts and will be writing a diary from the perspective of a Roman soldier stationed at Hadrian's Wall.


Children take part in a reading lesson daily and children move to groups for this first hour of the day so that children working at the same level can work and be taught together. Children follow the Read , Write , Inc programme until they are reading with pace and fluency. After this, they move into a reciprocal reading group where they focus on various texts chosen carefully  and work on skills to help them become expert readers.  We hope that children will develop a love of reading and, of course, as their reading ability increases they can access many more texts to engage and excite them. 

 Our reading will focus on a variety of genres . We will be looking at poetry, non-fiction texts connected to the Romans, myths and legends from Roman times and we will be reading an exciting fiction novel that is also linked to our Roman topic.


Our Summer term topic is Emperors and Empires. This exciting topic centers around the Romans, their Empire and invasion and settlement of Britain. During the course of the topic we will be looking at what made them such a successful civilisation. We will be exploring life in the army, finding out what a typical Roman town was like and how they created their roads to link their towns together. We will compare and contrast Celtic life with Roman life and identify similarities and differences. We will study the revolt of Boudicca, the Celtic queen of the Iceni tribe, against the Romans and examine the causes and consequences of her uprising. The topic will conclude with learning why the Romans eventually left Britain and the children will understand that after the Romans left, Britain was invaded again by the Angles and the Saxons.


  • Regular use of Times tables Rock Stars ( TTRS )
  • Reading plus.
  • Purple mash activities.
  • Learning with parents ( New activities every 2 weeks )
  • Reading school reading book x 3 times a week

In addition to the above we know that some families may like to engage in creative tasks with their children and we really encourage this. Each term we will send home a grid with optional activities for you to complete. Children are encouraged to bring in their work and share it with their classmates. The grid is attached at the bottom of the page.


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