Year 4 AW 2021 - 2022

Miss Westbrook

Useful information: 

Y4 start time: 08.25

Y4 finish time: 3.00

Class Teachers: Miss Westbrook Mrs Bartley, 

PE day: Wednesday 


Autumn 1 Term 

Topic Autumn 1: Potions. We will be looking at the states of matter including solids, liquids and gases in science. In Art we will be making observational draeings. In history we will be looking at the histroy of medicine and anaethestic. For our DT project we will be 


mixing to make our own chocolates and making packaging for the products we make. 

The Children created chocolates to go into
their packages this term. 


In maths we will be working with up to 4 digit numbers and learning how to calculcate with these. We will also re-cap a Y3 frac tions unit this half term. 


In English and guided reading we will look at stories that contain different types of 'potions' including the BFG, Alice in Wonderland, Witches and Georges Marvellous Medicine. 

Our class book is The BFG

Topic Autumn 2: Blue Abyss. This half term we will look at the different oceans of the worlds, locating them on a world map and also food chains and food webs. We will look at the effect polution and humans are also having on our oceans and what we can do to help. 

The children loved visiting 
The Deep to launch their Topic


In maths we will be looking at formal methods for addition and subtraction. 

In English and guided reading we will be writing non-chronological reports about a fish we have discovered in the depth of the oceans as well as our own pirate stories. We will also look at a range of non-fiction texts in guided reading. 

Our Class book is The tale of Grania O'Malley

4KM also had brass tuition this term 
lead by the music school
During Zest lessons the Children 
had a go at Bollywood Dancing









Spring Term

Topic Spring 1: Misty Mountains, Winding Rivers.  We will be looking closely at the Water Cycle this half term in both topic and English. This will link well with our exploration as to how rivers are formed as well as learning some of the key features of rivers such as meanders and ox bow lakes. We will also look at mountain formations in this physcial geography topic

We made 3D versions of the 
water cycle this half term


In maths we will be calculating perimeters as well as focussing heavily on learning our times tables up to 12 x 12 

In English and guided reading we will look at poetry and non-fiction texts linked to water as well as explanations of the Water Cycle before writing our own. We will also write our own wishing tale based on the T4W text The King of the Fishes. 

Our class book is The Abominables.

Topic Autumn 2: Road Trip USA. This half term look at the difference between human geography and physical geography and explore examples of these as we travel across North America. We will look at significant places of interest such as the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon before looking at Native America History and the Iroquois tribe.

In maths this half term we will learn formal and informal methods to multply and divide up to three digit numbers by 1 digit. We will also calculate the area of rectliniear shapes. 

In English and guided reading we will continue to explore Native American history based around our class novel: The Indian in the Cupboard. 

Summer Term

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