Year 2 Kingfisher 2022 - 2023

Ms Garcia

Welcome to the Year 2 Kingfisher Class! 






We all hope you've had a restful summer and are ready to start 2022! I am super excited to work with each and every one of you this year. It has been a brilliant start to this academic year and we have some exciting topics planned!

Please keep checking our page as it will be updated with what class 2 Kingfishers have been up to, showing some of their achievements.

Some important things for parents to know:

  • Our day starts at 8:30 and ends at 3pm. Children should be dropped off and collected at the end of the path leading to the Year 2 door. Please line up so it is easier to send children out at the end of the day. If you arrive late, please come in through the office.
  • PE will be on a Monday. Please send your child to school in PE kit on this day. Acceptable PE Kit includes:
    • white t-shirt and navy fleeze or jumper (in winter)
    • navy blue or black shorts, joggers or leggings
    • trainers or pumps
  • Children will be sent home with a book to read every day. Please encourage your children to read the story three times a week but avoid reading the same story three times in one night. Reading frequently will develop your child's fluency. 
  • At break times children will be offered a piece of fruit daily. If you would like your child to have milk, please order it on (or ask the office for assistance). 
  • Please keep your eyes out for homework on Purple Mash and Learning with Parents. More information about this will be announced soon!
  • Soon, I will be sending our class sleepy sloth home once a week. Sleepy sloth, Olly will come with a book, mug with a hot chocolate sachet, and a blanket. Please look after Olly and read to him before you go to sleep!

Autmun Term One


This unit focuses on children’s ability to read and understand numbers to 100. They will use their growing understanding of place value to help them sort, compare and order numbers.
Within this unit, children will revise their understanding of different representations of numbers. They will use these representations to show a number’s ‘tens’ and ‘ones’ and use this to help them compare and order. Children will use part-whole models and place value grids to show their partitioning of numbers and use these to support their reasoning when comparing and ordering.

Moving on from partitioning and ordering numbers, the children will begin to develop their ability to count forwards and backwards effciently in steps of 2, 3, 5, and 10.


Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaursa.jpg

We have been reading and working on our class text for this term: Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs. We have been re-capping adjectives and noun phrases and will be looking at simple and compound sentences in the next couple of weeks. We have been learning actions to remember the class text and shared ideas to use in our writing. Soon we will all be creative writers! On top of this, we have been reminded of our non-negotiables which are capital letters, full stops and finger spaces


dinosaur planet.jpg

This term's topic is Dinosaur Planet. This is a fun-packed unit where we look at the life of dinosaurs, including their teeth, size, and habitat! So far, we have become dino dentists and used meter sticks and trundle wheels to measure the real life of the biggest dinosaurs in our playground. We have been comparing the dinosaurs and sorting them into herbivores and carnivores. Finally, we will look at the history and life the famous paleontologist, Mary Anning. In our science lessons, we will be exploring an experiment 'Why do we need 2 eyes?'.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me or Mrs Sunderland know at the beginning or end of the school day and we will be happy to help!

Thank you for your support,

Miss Garcia and Mrs Sunderland 



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