Year 2 Cormorant 2022 - 2023

Mrs Austwick

Welcome to Cormorant Class!


Cormorant's class teacher is Mrs Austwick and our LSA is Mrs Williams -

We are feeling very lucky to be teaching such a fabulous group of children.

Together we will be working hard to get each and every individual child in our class to reach their full potential.

We have a very fun and busy year ahead and we are excited to watch you all learn and grow.


Important Information

Our school day starts at 8:25am and finishes at 3pm. Children will enter and exit through the Fire Exit door. 

PE is on Mondays. Please come in school PE kit which is white t-shirt, black or navy leggings or joggers, trainers or plimsolls and a warm jacket for winter.


Children need to bring a water bottle every day these can be kept by our sink. Children have a piece of fruit daily and if you would like your child to have a carton of milk you can sign up for this on (or ask at the office if you need help)

Reading books for all groups are sent home daily. Please read with your children at least 3 times a week and sign their reading record. This will be shown to their reading teacher and children will earn an achievement stamp for 3 reads. Some children will have weekly spellings depending on their reading group.

There will be online homework set on Purple Mash and Learning With Parents (more information to follow soon)


Maths Autumn 1

Place Value: This will include representing numbers to 100, ordering and comparing numbers, representing numbers on a place value grid and counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. We use a range of maths equipment to support our learning before moving our learning on to include more pictoral and abstract methods. We do a Maths Meeting 3 times a week where we cover a range of different areas of maths. Look out for maths homework on Learning with Parents.

Here are also some good websites we are enjoying ad a class, you may want to give them a go at home: (Daily 10: select Level 2, Partitioning)

Maths Autumn 2

Addition and Subtraction We will be adding using column addition and subtraction with regrouping. We will start using base 10 equipment and move on to using pictoral and abstract methods. Please keep a look out for follow up homework linked to this online.


Autumn 1 We have been reading Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs. We have been learning a model text based on the book with actions and have been doing a lot of work on exciting adjectives and noun phrases. We are working hard to remember our "non-negotiables" - capital letters, full stops and fingers spaces when writing our sentences, and we are starting to read our own writing to check it makes sense (before showing Mrs Austwick!)


Autumn 2  Our class book is Man on the Moon by Simon Bartam. It is about a man called Bob who goes to work on the moon. We will be looking at adjectives to describe and also past tense verbs and writing in the past tense. The story is available on Youtube.

Man on the Moon.jpg

Spring 1

We will be reading the book Katie in London and reading about all the sights she will see. This will run alongside our topic work on London (Bright Lights, Big City) where we will look at famous landmarks found in London. 




Autumn 1 Our topic this half term is Dinosaur Planet. For the fascinating topic we will be exploring and sorting types of dinosaurs including herbivores and carnivores, measuring out the actual size of dinosaurs on the playground using metre sticks to help us, researching Mary Anning a famous fossil hunter and even designing and making our very own fossil egg using clay! We will be doing some science based around the key question "Why do we need 2 eyes?".


Autumn 2 I

Our topic is Moon Zoom. We had a launch day with Wonderdome, have named and explored the 8 planets, completed a timeline of events from space history and looked at the famous astronaut Yuri Gagrin. Ask your child what facts they can tell you about space - you will be amazed by what they can already tell you!

Moon Zoom.png

Spring 1

Our topic this half term is Bright Lights, Big City. We will be looking closely at the United Kingdom, capital cities, and famous landmarks found in London. We will research the Great Fire of London and make some of our own bread! 


And of course we enjoy a class book at the end of the day. We have been enjoying a range of books from the "Harry and his Dinosaurs" range; we are very diplomatic - children vote daily for which book they would like to hear.

We have a class Meerkat called Sleepy Oleg, he is going to come home with one child each week - in his bag is a bedtime story book which you can enjoy with him (he is even in his PJ's ready for bed!)



I am always on the door first thing in the morning and there will always be an adult there at the end of the day, either myself or Mrs Williams :)  Please do not hesitate to come and speak to us if you have any questions. Watch out for more updates on this page!


Mrs Austwick and Mrs Williams




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