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Mrs Duckitt

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We hope that you all had a lovely restful October holiday, welcome back!! We have such a full-packed fun year of exciting learning planned. We are ever so excited to see you all progress and looking forward to watching you learn new things throughout the year. Thank you all for a fab start to this academic year!

Start time will be 8:30am and we will be letting the children into school from the brown shared area doors, we will open the doors at 8.25am and collection time is 3:00pm however we try to start lining the children up a little before to avoid crowds of parents - please be patient as we have a lot of new faces to learn.

We can't wait to see what this year brings! 


Important Information:

PE days are Friday afternoon for ZEST and Friday afternoon for PE this means they're the same day and it is pretty easy for Duck class only one day to remember. School PE kit is black leggings, jogging bottoms or shorts, white t-shirt and a jacket other than their outdoor coat if possible. Children can come to school dressed in their PE kits.

Please ensure that your child has a named bottle with only water inside, we are a healthy school and promote children drinking water, staff also drink water with the children throughout the day. If you would like your child to have a carton of milk you can sign up for this on (or ask at the office if you need help)

Reading books are being sent home with the children (WB12th September) and these have to be read on 3 separate occasions, signed and then brought back into school to show your reading teacher. Please be aware that the class teacher may not also be the reading teacher - as they split and go to different groups for Read Write Inc (RWI). 

Thank you for your continued support, if you have any more questions please feel free to ask. 

Mrs Duckitt (Class Teacher) and Mrs Hussain (Teaching Assistant)


Maths - Spring 1:

This half term in Maths the children will be learning about addition and subtraction within 20. They will be using place value to understand how the number can be partitioned in different ways. They will use tens and ones to add numbers together and tens frames. The children will also count to 20, write numbers to 20 in both numerals and words. Towards the end of this half term and continuing into next half term the children will be learning numbers to 50.

Maths Spring 2:

This half term the children will be learning number to 50. They will be looking at the place value of two-digit numbers, how to show and represent these numbers. They will then start to compare numbers and use different mathematical language, for example: greater than, less than and equal to and use the inequality signs to represent this. The children will also practice counting in multiples of 2's, 5's and 10's. The children will then move onto learning about height and length and ways to measure using different methods, standard and non-standard units.


English - Spring 1: 'The Queen's Hat' and 'The Great Fire of London' (recount).

The children have just started to learn the story of ‘The Queen’s Hat’ in relation to our topic Bright Lights, Big City. They will be learning to write in the past tense using the suffix –ed, adding extra description to their writing by using adjectives. Also, they will be using time connectives to order the story and say what comes next, after that and finally. The children will then move onto learning about non-fiction writing and how this is different to story writing/telling, they will be learning about The Great Fire of London and recounting the events, using past tense language. They will also have the chance to create some art work of the great fire and show how it spread through the houses.

English - Spring 2: 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea', 'Yorkshire Wildlife Park - recount and Poetry.

The children will be learning the T4W text of the tiger who came to tea, they will be practicing new vocabulary, sequencing the story, using suffixes in their writing and descriptions of the different characters within the story. They then will have the opportunity to change their story and think about who they would invite if they were having a tea party! Later on, the children will be writing a recount about the trip to the YWP, the children will use the past tense and think about the different sentence starters including using time connectives. We will finish this half term off with some poetry about animals with paws, claws and whiskers and enjoy listening to each other perform them. We have a very fun packed half term ahead.


Topic – Bright Lights, Big City - Spring 1:

During the topic of Bright Lights, Big City the children will be learning about London, Doncaster and also comparing to international countries. The children will be learning about London landmarks and also using their Art skills and techniques to create some sketches. We will be looking at physical and human features and where we would find them. Please find attached the homework for this half term one to be completed each half term for Bright Lights, Big City. The children will also start to learn about The Great Fire of London during the History lessons within this topic.

Topic - Paws, Claws and Whiskers - Spring 2:

During the topic of Paws, Claws and Whiskers the children will have the opportunity to go on a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, they will then learn about the different animals in each group by identifying, comparing and grouping animals into amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish, and mammals based on their observational features.  The children will also take part in a D&T project for this - including structures and strengthening techniques to make a sturdy structure for animals to live in, they will follow the explore, design, make and evaluate process that we follow within each D&T unit. Followed by an opportunity to develop layering skills in Art to be able to create a collage. 


As always if you have any questions then please feel free to ask! Mrs Duckitt




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