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Thank you for supporting our Christmas Fayre. We raised over £1600 for school funds. School closes for the Christmas break on Friday 22nd December and reopens on Monday 8th January. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our families.🎄🎁🎉

Y6 - Mr Cowie

Welcome to Y6 - Mr Cowie!


Welcome to Class 12. In Year 6 we are already hard at work preparing for SATS.


This year they take place beginning Monday 11th May 2018..


Pupils will be getting weekly spelling, maths and online homework throughout the year. We strongly encourage pupils to read at home and for this to be recorded in Reading Journals.


We will be beginning our SATS booster club shortly.

This terms computing work - using Scratch to program

This terms computing work - using Scratch to program 1
Work by Joshua Needham - great work Josh!

Year 6 SATS booster


Our Year 6 SATS booster has now started.


If you would like your child to take part and haven't received a letter please let us know.


Mr Cowie

Congratulations to Ronnie Moore for writing such a fantastic poem that it has been chosen to be used as the poem which the whole of Year 6 will be reciting in our carol concert.


Congratulations Ronnie!


For your enjoyment, here is the full poem.


My Christmas Poem

Placing my green pine tree,

As carollers sings in streets,

For the winter night has finally come,

That’s how children know Christmas has begun,

Neighbours making their holly wreath,

As I put on my jumper for the New Years feast,

Excellent things wrapped up so neat,

Seeing as all we love is gifts and treats,

Old St Nicholas do you know him?

I hope he reads my Christmas poem!

Dancer, Dasher, Prancer, Vixen,

Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen,

Dashing towards their magical sleigh,

Full of excitement for the great big day,

Waiting eagerly for their names to be heard,

To deliver presents around the world,

Santa is ready with his sleigh full of toys,

Gifts made with happiness for every girl and boy,

“Oh I love this time of year”,

Full of joy and festive cheer,

So remember to be good and kind too,

And I promise you will make the nice list too!


By Ronnie Moore