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Key Stage Two SATS tests begin on Monday 14th May and end Thursday 17th May

Y5 - Mrs Workman

Summer 1 Home Learning


Class 11's home learning requirements are:

  • one piece of topic (from the grid below);
  • spelling practise in blue books (10-20 words, practised twice per week);
  • times tables daily in times table books; and
  • read three times per week, proven by signatures in reading records.


Homework will be given on Fridays and should be in on Wednesdays. Anyone who hasn't completed homework, will have to attend homework club on the Thursday. Times table books must be in every day, as well as reading books and reading records. Remember: all children, who hand in their homework, will have their names added to the half-termly homework prize draw each week!

Picture 1

Spring Topic Project - Local Area

As part of this term's topic, we have been researching into our local area and chose to focus on the Lakeside Village shopping centre.

During a visit, we collected responses from members of the public and we have analysed some of the results below, from our questionnaires. We used our results to draw bar charts and consolidate these skills. We also collected data about customers from the management team and used these to draw a line graph. In maths, we have been exploring pictorial representations of fractions and decimals (and we will soon be moving on to percentages too) and we used these skills to explore pie charts. 

The work below is by Laiba and Faiza, who always take pride in their work - well done girls!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Science Week

Class 11 have been studying light during Spring Term and completed an investigation during Science Week. The question we were investigating was: how does the distance between a light source and an object affect the length of the shadow?


The work below is by Laiba, who always work hard and produces beautiful work. Well done Laiba!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Class 11's Spring Homework

This is a selection of Class 11's homework, so far this term. This term's homework project is in response to our topic: Our Local Area. Each week, children complete one task from the homework project and one piece of maths or English.

Picture 1 Lauren wrote this amazing conversation...
Picture 2 .. between The Artful Dodger and Oliver.
Picture 3 Laiba designed this sign for our local area.
Picture 4 Malaika researched one of our local landmarks.
Picture 5 Jessi-Less designed a Lakeside board game.
Picture 6 Jessi-Lee also created a map of the Lakeside Area.
Picture 7 Summer designed and made a Lakeside board game.

Spring 2 Homework Grid

Spring 2 Homework Grid 1

Lakeside Village Visit

As part of our topic on the Local Area year 5 visited the Lakeside Village to carry out some customer satisfaction surveys. We wanted to find out why people visit the outlet and what improvements they would like to see. We met with the Deputy Manager, Mrs Parry, and had a question and answer session with her. We found out that the Lakeside Village has been open since 1995 (22 years!) and that their target consumer is a female in the 40+ age range.

We then interviewed lots of customers and also spoke to the staff of a number of shops. Our next step is to analyse the data and then provide some feedback to the Management team at the outlet. The children were a credit to the school and a number of people commented upon how polite and enthusiastic the children were - well done guys!

The Great Class 11 Bake Off


Class 11 were given a 'Great to Stay Green' challenge at the start of the year, which meant they could earn house points for staying in green each lesson. If they met the house point target, they also earned a reward of their for their good behaviour. They chose to take part in a class version of 'The Great British Bake Off'. 


The brief was to make two identical Halloween-themed biscuits. We all had lots of fun and made biscuits that were both delicious and creative. Mrs. Witton came to judge our efforts and pick a first, second and third place. 


Girly came in third, Sal was our runner up and Malaika was our deserved winner, winner the prestigious Bake Off trophy!


Congratulations to our winners and all of Class 11 for their brilliant behaviour this half term! 

Picture 1 First, we made the dough as a class.
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4 Then, we rolled our dough out...
Picture 5 ... and cut out our biscuits.
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9 After baking, we decorated them.
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14 The standard was extremely high!
Picture 15 Then, Mrs. Witton came to judge them.
Picture 16 They were delicious!
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22 Even Mrs. Local made one!
Picture 23 Malaika was crowned our champion! Well done!

Alice the Rabbit Visited Class 11

Alice the Rabbit Visited Class 11 1 Today Alice visited us in Class 11...
Alice the Rabbit Visited Class 11 2 ... she even took the register!

Doncaster Book Awards Launch

Doncaster Book Awards Launch 1 We all got seated and ready for the day to begin.
Doncaster Book Awards Launch 2 We listened to Paul Cookson, a children's poet,...
Doncaster Book Awards Launch 3 ...and Chris Riddell, a Children's Laureate.
Doncaster Book Awards Launch 4 Paul read poems and Chris illustrated them.
Doncaster Book Awards Launch 5 They we very funny! We all joined in.
Doncaster Book Awards Launch 6 Chris spoke about his books and drew as he talked.
Doncaster Book Awards Launch 7 We had a great day!

Year 5/6 Trip to Doncaster Museum

Year 5/6 Trip to Doncaster Museum  1 We explored fossils in our fossil workshop.
Year 5/6 Trip to Doncaster Museum  2 We found out about Doncaster's own Dean Lomax...
Year 5/6 Trip to Doncaster Museum  3 ...who identified that DM's Ichthyosaurus is real!
Year 5/6 Trip to Doncaster Museum  4 We investigated clues to identify a dinosaur...
Year 5/6 Trip to Doncaster Museum  5 ... including checking its poo!
Year 5/6 Trip to Doncaster Museum  6 We took part on an evolution workshop...
Year 5/6 Trip to Doncaster Museum  7 ... and passed around samples.
Year 5/6 Trip to Doncaster Museum  8
Year 5/6 Trip to Doncaster Museum  9 This butterfly disguised itself as an owl!
Year 5/6 Trip to Doncaster Museum  10 We even found out how the horse evolved.

Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day 1 Class 11 enjoyed reading in our reading corner!
Roald Dahl Day 2 Each child read a RD book throughout the week.
Roald Dahl Day 3 Each child gave a presentation about their book.
Roald Dahl Day 4 They explained what they liked or disliked...
Roald Dahl Day 5 ... and whether they recommended each book.
Roald Dahl Day 6 All Dahl's books were a hit!
Roald Dahl Day 7 They showed their favourite illustrations...
Roald Dahl Day 8 ... and read their favourite extracts.
Roald Dahl Day 9 Everyone came dressed as their favourite character
Roald Dahl Day 10 We had lots of fun on Roald Dahl Day!