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Y4 - Miss Hanson

French Day!


Today we enjoyed dressing up and taking part in all things French! We started the day with a delicious French breakfast. Throughout the day, the children studied the work of 4 famous French artists (Seurat, Rousseau, Matisse and Blek le Rat), learnt some French vocabulary linked to the art and had a go at re creating some of the work themselves.



Quelle belle journée!

Diversity Week


This week, Year 3 and 4 have enjoyed learning all about Turkey and Portugal. They have taken part in lots of interesting activities including: designing a Turkish rug, making their own 'Evil Eye', designing their own 'Galo de Barcelos' and learning about the legend behind its creation. 


We were also lucky enough to try some delicious authentic Turkish food from a local Turkish resturant! Thank you Turkuaz!


The week isn't over yet though... we are all looking forward to French Day tomorrow! 

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Race for Life

Race for Life 1
Well done Class 7 who all completed our school Race for Life this afternoon. It was really hot and they all earned their medals. Well done Callum on being the first to finish!

Outdoor Learners


We’ve taken the opportunity to get outside in this lovely weather this week to do some maths.  The children collected 9 sticks for their groups and we’re given the challenge ‘how many triangles can you make with 9 sticks?’ There was some really creative thinking and excellent reasoning going on! 

The next day, everyone went outside to sort triangles into Venn diagrams on the playground.


As well as all of that maths, we also got to release our beautiful butterflies which we had watched changed from caterpillars. Everyone enjoyed waving them off and saying goodbye to them.


We’re hoping to get out there again next week!

Sorting Shapes

Class 7 have worked amazingly well sorting quadrilaterals this afternoon. They have worked with a partner to group quadrilaterals based on their own criteria and then think of extra shapes to go into their Carroll diagrams. We had some great reasoning from everyone ☺️including Sulaiman explaining why we couldn’t sort into ‘more than two pairs of parallel lines’. I’m so impressed!

Keen Readers

Class 7 enjoyed their Friday reading time in our lovely library. We’re lucky to have lots of different books to choose from!

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Old Moor


Class 7 had a lovely day with Catherine at Old Moor nature reserve. They enjoyed learning about different habitats including grassland, woodland and wetland. We all saw something we had never seen before and, as always, the children were a credit to the school.

Invertebrate Adventure

Invertebrate Adventure 1
Invertebrate Adventure 2
Invertebrate Adventure 3
Invertebrate Adventure 4

As part of our Science topic, Class 7 went to look for invertebrates in the nature area. We had a GREAT time and found all kinds of different creatures but some were too fast to catch. 

After they were captured, we took them into class for a closer look and to classify them on our classification keys. They were then released safely back to where they were found, only after a woodlouse escaped in class and had to be retrieved!

It was lovely to hear everyone so excited, calling it an ‘adventure’ smiley

Classifying Creatures

The class have been learning all about habitats and working out how scientists classify new creatures that they find. They spent some time learning how to use one of these classification keys and then made up their own...on the tables! Don’t tell Mrs Kynaston!


Hundertwasser 1
Hundertwasser 2
Hundertwasser 3
Hundertwasser 4
Hundertwasser 5
Hundertwasser 6
Look at the amazing collages that Class 7 produced based on the work of Hundertwasser! They learned about his work and looked at the themes in it. We noticed lots of different shapes and loved the bright colours. They then practised different collage techniques and worked together to plan and make their own. I think they look fab!

Year 4 had a great time visiting the market to buy ingredients for their soup. They had to use all kinds of maths, including addition, subtraction and multiplication of money, weight, fractions and thinking about quantities. 

They did really well and even survived one of the market traders trying to scare them with a live lobster!

Money Week

Money Week 1
Money Week 2
Money Week 3
Money Week 4

This week, everyone has been on a mission to make a profit! We had to convince Mrs Witton to loan us some money. The children worked out the total cost of ingredients to make hot cross buns and then calculated the profit they would make at different prices. 


While making them, the class needed to be able to measure accurately using different scales, use their knowledge of fractions AND tell the time.

Fun with Fractions

Year 4 have been learning about fractions. They started off by representing fractions in as many ways as they could with a variety of equipment. They have become experts in finding equivalent fractions, comparing and ordering them and will be working on adding and subtracting with them. We might even be looking at a recipe for Viking bread using fractions too!

Picture 1
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Picture 3
Picture 4

Experimenting with Sound

Experimenting with Sound 1
Experimenting with Sound 2
Experimenting with Sound 3
Experimenting with Sound 4
Class 7 have been learning about how sound is made through vibrations, and how the size of the vibration relates to the volume of the sound.

Y4 homework

Y4 homework  1
Y4 homework  2
Y4 homework  3
Y4 homework  4
Y4 homework  5

Year 4 trip to Murton Park

Year 4 trip to Murton Park 1
Year 4 trip to Murton Park 2
Year 4 trip to Murton Park 3
Year 4 trip to Murton Park 4
Year 4 trip to Murton Park 5
Year 4 trip to Murton Park 6
Year 4 trip to Murton Park 7
Year 4 trip to Murton Park 8
Year 4 trip to Murton Park 9
Year 4 trip to Murton Park 10
Year 4 trip to Murton Park 11
Year 4 trip to Murton Park 12
Year 4 trip to Murton Park 13
Year 4 trip to Murton Park 14
Year 4 trip to Murton Park 15

Last Friday, Year 4 went to learn even more about the Anglo Saxons at Murton Park in York. They visited an Anglo Saxon village where they could make clay lamps, they learned what day to day life would have been like and learned how warriors would have trained. Mrs Phillips was particularly pleased when they were told how money worked and it involved fractions!


Everything was going fine until a Mercian invaded and everyone had to rely on Family 3 to save the day! Thankfully they did and we all made it back to school safely.

Everyone had a great day. Faith even said it was the best trip she’d been on as soon as she had arrived!

Problem Solving

Problem Solving 1
Problem Solving 2
Problem Solving 3
Problem Solving 4
Problem Solving 5
The children have been solving problems with bar models. 
Thank you to everyone who made it to our 'Learn how we learn roadshow'.  You can find the documents explaining how we do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in the Parents section of the website. Follow Parents -> Parents Guides -> Maths to download them.

Class 7 have settled into life as year 4s really well and it's lovely to have them for another year! 

This term our topic is the Anglo Saxons. The children have been producing some lovely homework and getting very creative with their ideas!

They have written some fantastic 'beating a baddy' stories and are now working on writing amazing newspaper articles. 

Keep up the hard work Year 4!

Last week, some of the children in years three and four were able to take part in 'Able Maths Day' at Balby Central. They had the chance to meet a Robot from Robot Wars and learn about the maths involved in making one of them, including weighing, measuring and finding the area of different parts.

They had a great day and did us all proud!