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Well done to all of our Year Six pupils who sat their SATS - great work everybody!

Y3 - Mrs Brewster and Mrs McCrae

Year 3 Trip to Old Moor Nature Reserve


We had a fantastic day.

We experienced Pond Dipping, exploring the Nature Reserve and Minibeast Hunting. 


Picture 1
Picture 2 Sarah was our host for the day.
Picture 3 The Nature Reserve view was amazing!
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6 We used the nets to Pond Dip.
Picture 7 We used the key well.
Picture 8
Picture 9 We worked well as a group.
Picture 10 This is the identification key we used.
Picture 11
Picture 12 We found a Dragonfly Nymph and a Pond Skater.
Picture 13 We found a Damselfly Nymph.
Picture 14 We observed carefully.
Picture 15
Picture 16 We found lots of Pond Life.
Picture 17 We spend some time watching the birds.
Picture 18 We explored the Forest Area for Minibeasts.
Picture 19 We used the magnifying glass to look carefully.
Picture 20 We found a Springtails, Weevil, Aphid and Cranefly
Picture 21 Here is the land identification chart we used.

Year 3 - Viking Soup


As part of our Viking topic Year 3 researched the type of food the Vikings ate and used what they  had learnt to design their own Viking soup, including the amounts of each ingredient needed. We then had a trip to ASDA where we used our money skills to buy the ingredients we needed. Back at school we carefully prepared, cooked (thinking about the amount of time we needed to cook) and blended our ingredients. All of the children loved their tasty Viking soup and even took some home to share! 

Well done class 5. You have produced some fantastic homework so far! 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
We have really enjoyed using mathematical equipment to help us understand subtraction.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
We went on a local walk to detect the level of different sounds in the area. Here are our bar charts of the results.
Picture 1
Picture 2
We have had great fun creating our Anglo-Saxon patterns.
Picture 1
Thank you to everyone who made it to our 'Learn how we learn roadshow'.  You can find the documents explaining how we do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in the Parents section of the website. Follow Parents -> Parents Guides -> Maths to download them.

'tis the season to be jolly...'

Parents and children in Y3 and 4 had a lovely time this morning making festive decorations. Thank you so much for your positive feedback. Here are a few examples:

"Very good. Enough different things to do, good instructions and plenty of help if needed from teachers."

"Love coming to the Christmas craft mornings. Thankyou very much."

"We really enjoy it. The kids are loving it."

"Always enjoy coming and spending time doing crafts with my daughter. Some fab Xmas crafts to do. Planned really well and dates given well in advance so I could arrange time from work to attend."

" Had a very happy morning Christmas crafting with my grandson. Enjoyed spending one to one time with him."

" Great morning, kids really enjoy it, but adults need coffee and biscuits.."

Thankyou for your comments - we'll see what we can do about the coffee next  time!smiley

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8


Year 3 Reading Cafe  November 2017

Thankyou to the parents who were able to attend our reading cafe today. 

We enjoyed tea and toast and the chance to snuggle up with a good book. 


Murton Park November 2017

Class 5 had an amazing day at Murton Park 'Danelife' Living Museum on Friday. We spent the day living as Anglo-Saxon families, making our own oil lamps, carrying out guard duty and working in the fields. We even had to defend our village from an unwanted visitor! Many thanks to 'My Lady', Wolfric and Mildred for an enjoyable and informative day. Have a look at some of our photos.

We've been so busy this term!

The children have worked as teams to make erupting volcanoes in Geography, learned to salsa during Sports Week, completed treasure hunts in English and researched biomes to create posters. Can't believe we've only got 11 days left in school - what a great year!




We had a lovely time finding out how our Muslim children celebrate Eid and making Eid cards. Some of the children even brought their special Eid clothes to show us! We were all very impressed!


Last week, some of the children in years three and four were able to take part in 'Able Maths Day' at Balby Central. They had the chance to meet a Robot from Robot Wars and learn about the maths involved in making one of them, including weighing, measuring and finding the area of different parts.

They had a great day and did us all proud!


Today the children were asked to write a letter for any new arrivals to our class telling them about our school. Everyone wrote lovely things but this is one that really stood out as being a great advert for Lakeside! I think we need to make Haleema our school ambassador!

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to our 'Learn how we learn roadshow' on Wednesday! It was lovely to see so many people and talk to some of you about the things we are doing in class.


For people who were unable to come (or those who might have lost them!) I have added the maths guides to the website so you can access them from home. You can find them under the 'Parents' heading on the front page and then 'Parents' Guides'. I hope you find them useful and if you have any questions then please don't hesitate to ask.


Happy calculating!


Mrs Phillips

Year 3 and 4 had a lovely end to the half term with a Roman Workshop Day.

In the morning the children enjoyed taking part in a Roman quiz, playing maths game using their knowledge of Roman numerals and spending time looking at Roman artefacts. 

In the afternoon the children had an opportunity to find out about life in the Roman army. They learnt how to march as the Roman soldiers would have done and we even held our very own Year 3 and 4 Chariot races. 

This afternoon, Year 3 performed their Chinese New Year assembly for their parents.

They told the story of the animals crossing the river really well and made us very proud.


Thank you to all of the parents who were able to attend and for your lovely comments:

"It was very enjoyable - always lovely to see what my daughter has been learning"


"Very well done. The children remembered every line. Very well done to all smiley"


"The kids did a great job! Really enjoyed it!"

Welcome to Y3 - Mrs Phillips!


In Class 5, we want the children to be independent and inquisitive learners.

P.E. days are Tuesday and Wednesday, please make sure that your child remembers to bring their kit on these days.


Every week, all of the class are expected to read at least three times a week and have their record books signed. As part of our reading challenge, they will get a point for each time they read and there will be a prize at Christmas for the boy and girl with the most points.

As well as reading, children are also expected to practise the spellings that they are given weekly and rehearse times tables. The times tables that the children will need to focus on have been shared with them and given out on target sheets at Parent's Evening, please ask if you are unsure.

Children may also bring home a worksheet to complete, optional homework will be put on 'I am Learning' and half termly projects can be carried out if they would like to do them.


Thank you for your support and encouraging them to do this,


Mrs Phillips & Mrs Reade