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Well done to all of our Year Six pupils who sat their SATS - great work everybody!

Y3 - Miss Stocks

Old Moor


Year 3 had a fantastic day at Old Moor. They loved exploring the grassland, woodland and wetland while searching for wildlife. The most exciting finds of the day were a newt and a spider egg!!!


Local Environment


Class 6 have been out and about this afternoon exploring the local environment around Lakeside. We sat in two different locations around the lake and sketched the view. We then annotated our sketches to show positive and negative changes to the environment. Back in the classroom, we discussed the negative changes, how they impact on living things and what we/humans could do to help. 


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Invertebrate Hunt


As part of our Living Things topic, we hunted for invertebrates in the nature area. We carefully captured the invertebrates and took them back into the classroom for a closer look and to classify them on our classification keys. After that, we safely released them back where we had found them.


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Year 3 - Viking Soup


As part of our Viking topic Year 3 researched the type of food the Vikings ate and used what they  had learnt to design their own Viking soup, including the amounts of each ingredient needed. We then had a trip to ASDA where we used our money skills to buy the ingredients we needed. Back at school we carefully prepared, cooked (thinking about the amount of time we needed to cook) and blended our ingredients. All of the children loved their tasty Viking soup and even took some home to share! 

Y3/4 Easter Craft

Y3/4 Easter Craft  1
Y3/4 Easter Craft  2
Y3/4 Easter Craft  3

Science Week!

Money Week!


This week, Year 3 used lots of different maths skills! First we calculated how much it would cost to make some tasty Easter cupcakes, then we worked out how much we would sell them for to make the best profit. We used our measuring skills to accurate measure out the ingredient needed to make our yummy treats!

Finally, came the big sale... and we made a profit!!!

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Look at our fantastic homework!

Look at our fantastic homework! 1
Look at our fantastic homework! 2
Look at our fantastic homework! 3
Look at our fantastic homework! 4
Thank you to everyone who made it to our 'Learn how we learn roadshow'.  You can find the documents explaining how we do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in the Parents section of the website. Follow Parents -> Parents Guides -> Maths to download them.

Year 3 Reading Cafe  November 2017

Thankyou to the parents who were able to attend our reading cafe today. 

We enjoyed tea and toast and the chance to snuggle up with a good book. 

Murton Park


As part of our Anglo-Saxon topic we visited Murton Park. The children had the opportunity to dress up and experience a day in the life of an Anglo-Saxon. A great time was had by all!


Last week, some of the children in years three and four were able to take part in 'Able Maths Day' at Balby Central. They had the chance to meet a Robot from Robot Wars and learn about the maths involved in making one of them, including weighing, measuring and finding the area of different parts.

They had a great day and did us all proud!


Thank you to everyone who was able to come to our 'Learn how we learn roadshow' on Wednesday! It was lovely to see so many people and talk to some of you about the things we are doing in class.


For people who were unable to come (or those who might have lost them!) I have added the maths guides to the website so you can access them from home. You can find them under the 'Parents' heading on the front page and then 'Parents' Guides'. I hope you find them useful and if you have any questions then please don't hesitate to ask.


Happy calculating!


Mrs Phillips

Year 3 and 4 had a lovely end to the half term with a Roman Workshop Day.

In the morning the children enjoyed taking part in a Roman quiz, playing maths game using their knowledge of Roman numerals and spending time looking at Roman artefacts. 

In the afternoon the children had an opportunity to find out about life in the Roman army. They learnt how to march as the Roman soldiers would have done and we even held our very own Year 3 and 4 Chariot races. 






This afternoon, Year 3 performed their Chinese New Year assembly for their parents.

They told the story of the animals crossing the river really well and made us very proud.


Thank you to all of the parents who were able to attend and for your lovely comments:

"It was very enjoyable - always lovely to see what my daughter has been learning"


"Very well done. The children remembered every line. Very well done to all smiley"


"The kids did a great job! Really enjoyed it!"

Welcome to Y3 - Miss Stocks!


Every week, children are expected to read at least three times at home and have their reading record books signed by an adult. All children in Class 6 are currently taking part our reading challenge, they achieve a tick on the chart for every book they complete. Every tick is worth 1 house point! Stickers are given out at 5, 10 and 15 ticks! When children achieve 20 ticks they choose a prize from our treasure chest!

Aswell as reading, children are also expected to practise the spellings they are given weekly and rehearse times tables. All children have been given a times table booklet to support them with this.

Children may also bring home a worksheet to complete, optional homework will be put on 'I Am Learning' and children may choose to complete a half-termly project linked to our topic work.


This half term our P.E. days are Monday and Tuesday, please make sure that your child brings their P.E. kit on these days.


Thank you for all your support!


Miss Stocks & Miss Walton