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A lovely response from a restaurant visited by our Y5/6 pupils on their recent trip: "Your students were a credit to your school, very well behaved and polite. I hope they had a great day in Bridlington."

Y1 - Mrs Bossons

A great week for reading this week- 20/28 children read 3 times or more and moved planets! Well done!

A great week for reading this week- 20/28 children read 3 times or more and moved planets! Well done! 1

Science materials homework.

Science materials homework. 1

Good maths work!

Good maths work! 1
We had a great week this week for reading again.  We had 20/28 children who read 3 times or more this week! Enjoy half term and we look forward to more children getting stickers and prizes next half term for reading 3 times or more every week!!

Well done to all these children that read 3 times or more every week this half term! Enjoy your special prizes!!

Well done to all these children that read 3 times or more every week this half term! Enjoy your special prizes!! 1

We have enjoyed our homework in class 1 this half term- making catapults, writing stories, using tens and ones in maths, drawing minibeast habitats.  Thank you to all children who have had a go at a different activity each week.  Well done to children who have been chosen each Friday to choose a prize for super homework!


Keep up the good work!   

Lovely drawing and colouring!

Lovely drawing and colouring! 1
Lovely drawing and colouring! 2
Lovely drawing and colouring! 3
Lovely drawing and colouring! 4

Marvellous Maths

Marvellous Maths  1
Marvellous Maths  2
Marvellous Maths  3

Dragonfly model

Dragonfly model 1

Great catapults!

Great catapults! 1

We had a great week last week as 19/28 children read their book 3 times or more and got a prize on Friday!  Thank you to all families that have helped with reading and let's try to have even more next time.  



Picture 1

My last day before Maternity Leave


I wanted to take this opportunity to say how much I’ve enjoyed teaching your child and beginning Year 1 with them. They are a pleasure to teach and I feel very lucky to be their teacher. 

I would like to thank you and the children for allowing me to have such a lovely 12 weeks with them and I can’t wait to return and be their teacher again.

We had a great party on Friday afternoon celebrating our time together. 

Thank you for my lovely gifts me and the baby have been spoilt!

See you all soon 

Mrs Bossons

Reading Challenge 26.11.18- 30.11.18


Wow! The best reading in Class 1 we have ever had. 22/28 of children have moved planets. You all got a prize out of the prize box. Keep up the fantastic reading and it keeps showing in our guided reading sessions.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who are listening to your children read at least 3 times a week. 




Homework Prize 30.11.2018


I have looked at lots of fantastic homework this week! I have loved seeing your weather diaries and weather stories. We got 18/28 books back this week. Keep doing your homework and working hard. Well done to Elisha who is this weeks winner and got to get a prize from the prize box. 


Handwriting Heroes 26.11.18-30.11.18


This week we have been practicing more of our capital letters. We had a go at writing J, K, L, M and N. We are beginning to use them correctly in our English books when starting a sentence or writing a name. Here are this weeks heroes were Sarezh and Ahad. Keep it up everyone your handwriting keeps getting better and better!


Handwriting Heroes 19.11.18-23.11.18


This week we have been writing our capital letters on the right lines. We have practiced A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I.  This weeks heroes were Neila, Tabeer and Jakub. Well done to everyone I can see a big improvement in your handwriting. 






Homework Prize 19.11.18 - 23.11.18


22 children completed their homework this week! We have got some super homework. Keep bringing your great homework in. This weeks winner was Ana-Sofia.


Reading Challenge 19.11.18-23.11.18


Wow! 21 children read their book 3 times this week. Mrs Bossons is super impressed. Keep it up! Thank you to all the parents and carers who keep hearing their children read. It's making a big difference.




T4W - The Wind and The Sun

Still image for this video
We learnt the fable the Wind and the Sun. We are now changing parts of the story to re-write our own version.

Wednesday 21st of November 2018

Cross Circular Maths and Outdoor Learning


We went on a shape hunt around school to find 3d shapes. In our talk partners we tallied how many of each shape we found. When we came back to the classroom we talked about what shapes we found and where. We really enjoyed our outdoor learning.




Children in Need 16.11.18


On Friday we came to school in non uniform and wearing odd socks to raise money for Children in Need. In the afternoon we talked about why we raise money to support children in need. We decorated socks and talked about why we are special and how everyone is different. 


Handwriting Heroes 12.11.18-16.11.18


After a busy week we found two super handwriting heroes. We have been writing more tricky words ready to start capital letters next week. Well done Ahad and Turanya. Special well done to Turanya as it is her second time being the handwriting hero. 


Homework Prize 16.11.18


We had lots of fantastic homework back about the Weather and our new learning in Maths and English. This weeks winner was Tabeer and she got to pick a prize out of the prize box. Keep doing super homework. We've already got lots up in the Shared Area. 


Reading Challenge 12.11.18-16.11.18


Another fantastic week in Class 1 with some amazing reading at home. This week 18/29 children read 3 times to an adult and they got to move planets and pick a prize. 

Keep reading at home we can really tell the difference in your beautiful reading. 


Anti Bullying Week 

This week we have talked about Respect and how to show other children and adults respect. We listened to some stories about bullying and how we can be kind to each other. Also we had a circle time telling each other something we liked about each other and how we could help someone who was being bullied. We then designed our own Respect sock. Here's some examples.

Remembrance Assembly 12.11.18


We took part in a whole school assembly about the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War One. We took our cross and laid it with other wreaths that other classes had made. We also had a one minute silence to remember all the people who died in the many wars. 



Remembrance Day 

In Class 1 we learnt about why we celebrate remembrance day and why it's important to pay respect to the soldiers who lost their lives at war. We made our own big poppies to take home and share with our families. We made poppies on the computer using a paint program. We also made little poppies to make a big cross. On Monday 12th of November we are going to lay our cross at a Remembrance assembly. 

Handwriting Heroes - Autumn 2 - 5.11.18-9.11.18

We have moved on from practicing letters and now we are practicing tricky words using the correct lines. This week we wrote the words the, it, as, he, she, we, me , be and to. 

This weeks superheroes were Sarezh, Maria and Samantha.

Homework Prize - Autumn 2 - 5.11.18-9.11.18

We have received some fantastic homework this week. 17/29 children brought their homework back this week. The winner was Tonisha and she got to pick a prize. Keep bringing your amazing homework. 


Reading Challenge - Autumn 2 - 5.11.2018 - 9.11.2018

We have another great week of making sure we read at home. 19/29 children have read 3 times at home. We have all gone back to the first planet and 19 of us have moved to the next one. Well done to all the children and parents/carers for listening to your children read. Lets see if we can get more children moving planets next week. 

Autumn 1 - Talk 4 Writing - A Squash and A Squeeze

Still image for this video
Class 1 retelling our key text using T4W actions.

First Half Term in Class 1


Mrs Bossons and Mrs Sunderland want to say a big thank you to all the children in Class 1. We have had a great half term and it's been very busy but all the children have worked very hard! You have all been superstars and shown us how grown up you are. 

Have a lovely half term and we will see you on Monday 5th of November for another great half term!


New T4W text for Autumn 2 - The Wind and The Sun 


Our new text is The Wind and The Sun. Your child will have come home with a word mat with the key words and pictures from the story. Over the holidays it would be a good idea to share this with your child and watch the new text. The story is included in the link below. 

Here's the word mat in case it hasn't made it home.

Making Pumpkins - 25.10.18


In the afternoon we made two different types of pumpkins to take home. We learnt about why we some cultures and religions celebrate Halloween. What a fun afternoon!


Design and Technology - Making a fruit salad  - 24.10.18


We talked about what things we could eat to be healthy. We listed lots of fruit.

Then we washed our hands and looked at the different fruits. We had pineapple, plums, strawberries, orange juice and apples. Then we made our fruit salad and tasted it. It was delicious!


Handwriting Heroes 22.10.18-25.10.18


With such a busy week with the Harvest Festival we only managed to find two handwriting heroes. But what a great week they have had with their handwriting. It's not only showing in their handwriting folder but also in their English Books. We are all becoming super handwriters!

Well done Joel and Maddison. 

Reading Challenge 22.10.18-25.10.18


We have been working really hard in our reading and making sure we read at least 3 times a week at home. 17/29 children read 3 times this week at home so they could move planets and get a prize. An extra well done to Sofia, Rahil, Hasan, Turanya who moved 7 planets this half term. We are going all go back to the bottom planet (Mercury) and start again ready for the new half term. Thank you to all the parents and carers who listen to the children read. 


Homework Prize 22.10.18-25.10.18


Well done Class 1. Another good week doing lots of homework. 20/29 children brought their homework back to school. We have now the new homework sheet for the next half term in our books. Our next homework is all about weather and seasons. 

Well done to Turanya - she's this weeks winner and got a prize. 



Handwriting Heroes 15.10.18-19.10.18.


We have been practicing our handwriting and found some new heroes. We love wearing the cape and mask. This weeks heroes were Neila, Tonisha and Aryan.


Reading Challenge  15.10.18-19.10.18

This week 18 children read 3 times at home. This is the best week for reading in Year 1! Well done to all the children who keep reading at home. Mrs Bossons can tell how much you read at home because you are becoming super readers!



Homework -15.10.18-19.10.18

Wow! 22/29 children did their homework this week. Mrs Bossons is very happy. Keep doing your homework so you can win a prize.

This weeks winner is Adam!


Reading Challenge - 12.10.18


Wow! It has been the best week for reading in Class 1. 15 children moved to the next planet and got a prize. They all read their book at home 3 times. Look at how the children keep moving! If you're still on mercury you need to read 3 times next week so you can move up. We have some super readers in Class 1. 

Homework Prize - 12.10.18

Mrs Bossons was impressed again by the fantastic homework. 18/30 children brought their homework back. Lets try and get 22/30 homeworks back next week!

This weeks winner was Maria.

Handwriting Heroes 8.10.18-12.10.18

We have been working really hard on our handwriting again. We have some new handwriting heroes. Tabeer, Alexia, Amr and Usman

If you would like to help your child practise at home please ask Mrs Bossons for some handwriting sheets.


Maths - Adding to 10 using the part part whole.

For the last 2 weeks we have been adding numbers to 10. We have used the cubes to help us. We use the part part whole frame to add the numbers. Then we moved on to pictorial where we counted pictures and added them together. Some of us have moved on to abstract and can use the numbers to find the answer. We keep working hard on forming our numbers correctly.

Self Portrait - 8.10.18/10.10.18

In Class 1 we have been learning about self portraits. We 

drew our faces first in pencil. Then we painted our faces. We used the correct colours and made sure we included all the key features on our faces.

Reading Challenge 1.10.18-5.10.18

Mrs Bossons has some super reader in Class 1. Every week if your child reads 3 times they get to move up a planet. We all started on the Mercury. Look at how many of use have moved from Mercury. If your child moves planet they also get a prize. Keep reading at home with your child and please ask if you would like any help. 


Handwriting Heroes 1.10.18-5.10.18

These are our Handwriting Heroes for the week. Well done to all Class 1. Your handwriting is improving all the time. Keep practicing and using the handwriting mats. 



Mrs Bossons is very impressed with how many children did their homework this week. We had 22/30 homework books back. Keep it up Class 1!

The winner this week was Denis.





We are becoming super hand writers in Class 1. We listen to some relaxing music while  we write our letters. Lots of the children have been the handwriting hero already and got to wear the cape and the mask. If you would like to help your child practice at home please ask for some handwriting sheets. 


2nd of October - Year 1 - Reading Cafe


Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our reading cafe. It was a lovely morning sharing breakfast and listening to the children read. We can't wait to do it again. 

Here's some photos.

Homework Prize

Well done Class 1. Another great week for homework with 19/27 children bringing their homework back. 

Joel was this weeks winner. 

Keep bringing me your amazing homework

We have been working really hard on our handwriting. Here our Handwriting Heroes of the week! Keep it up Class 1 :) 


We took part in 5 different activities to understand the story of Squash and A Squeeze better. We hot seated the old lady, wise man and the cow and asked the characters questions about the story. We used puppets and stories to re-tell the story. We made our own house which was a Squash and A Squeeze. We also role played using the farm animals.








Our T4W text is a Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson. We experienced what a squash and a squeeze is. In groups we had to put as many things in a hoop as we could in 10 seconds. Then we could see what a squeeze the Old Ladies house felt like. We wrote down the numbers of how many items we could fit in the hoop. We went back to class and then wrote down different adjectives to describe something small.

Class 1 have been learning about Ourselves. We had great fun measuring each other with cubes and seeing how many cubes each part of our body was. 

Here's some photos.

This week we went on senses walk around school. 

We used our hands to touch, our ears to listen and our eyes to see.

We used adjectives to describe the senses we used. 

We came up with super words like hard, soft, loud and quiet.

Reading Challenge

In Class One, if we read 3 times a week at home we get to move up to the next planet. We also get a prize from the prize box. 

Look at how many children are moving up the planets. 

Remember to read at home to an adult or older brother and sister.

Well done everybody who has moved to Venus or Earth.


We have had 19/27 homework back this week!

Keep it up!

Let's see if we can get 27/27.

Rahil was the winner and got a prize!

In Class One we have been learning about labels and captions. We have had lots of fun taking part in different activities with the adults and in the provision. Here are some photos. 


Mrs Bossons is really impressed because 21/27 people have done their homework and brought it back to school.

Jakub won the prize this week. 

Keep it up Class 1!

Class One have a great first week at school!

We have had 2 handwriting heroes who have tried really hard in writing correctly in the lines. 

Well done Turanaya and Rahil!

Welcome to Year 1 - Class 1


Mrs Bossons and Mrs Sunderland can't wait to start the new school year. We look forward to getting to know you all. 


Keep checking the website to see what we have been up to.